Major Cloud Computing Challenges Faced In Today’s Digitization World

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 7th, 2018

Complete understanding of cloud computing pros and cons gives a deeper image of using this technology. This (Cloud Computing Challenges) will help businesses to effectively visualize the activities online and plan out their goals.

Potential and tremendous benefits of working on online computing results in the open welcoming of this technology but still, there are few skepticism hovers in this world. Several enterprises are there who are working with cloud-based products and services to develop their business. It is a prediction that in the present year i.e., 2018 SaaS had generated around 59% of the online workload. It is a revolutionary manner of data storing and accessing. However, like the other technologies, online computing is also not completely perfect. Several cloud computing challenges are available with variations in shape, size, and severity that demands the more sophisticated technologies to deal with them. If the regular challenges of cloud computing are handled properly then, definitely the technology will be the reason behind your business growth.

Cloud Computing Challenges

Following listed are common five cloud computing challenges, which a firm encounters:

1. Serious Concerns Regarding Data Confidentiality

Imagine a situation where you have put your eggs in a basket and playing a game, which has one of the two results. Eggs might be well-guarded and sheltered or they might get cracked, stolen, or exposed. Same is the situation with your information stored on cloud! There are the possibilities for which you have to handle the data carefully, once they are opened on cloud. Cloud data security and confidentiality are the most vital challenges, you might be facing. Except data shielding and encryption applications, none of the methods are available where you can exactly be sure that your data is safe on the cloud.

2. Deal With Authentication Problem in The Traffic

Draw an imagination picture in your mind where you are owning a small coffee shop. In the afternoon, the shop is crowded with students who study at a university, which is nearby your shop. In such situation, it will be difficult for you to notice that who is actually present to purchase the bagels and who is a clever individual who wants to purchase all things for free by taking advantage of the crowd.
Like the above scenario, hackers are aware to sneak their tricks into the enterprise platform. It happens because of the poor authentication strategy used in your business cloud computing environment. It makes it harder to apprehend or spot them. It is certain to cover the negative light on the overall integrity of your business. So, this cloud computing challenge command users to focus on authentication strategy when you feel that network traffic is getting higher.

3. Possibilities of Sudden Outage From CSP End

Suppose that there is only one outlet for electricity besides your bed. You have to connect smartphone charger, laptop charger, portable cooling fan, gaming console, and hairdryer with this same electrical outlet. Now is this going to result in eventual overloading? Your answer might be Yes.
In the same way, when an individual cloud server is bearing the data load of multiple websites or organizations, for sure it will result in a sudden outage. Independent of the commitments stated by the service providers, customers will be facing outage in case of extra load. Especially at the time of vital operations, a simple shortage causes harm to the overall performance and health. It is possible to continue work in such kind of environment by periodically backing up the data with instant site recovery approach.

4. Occurrence of Hurdles At the Transition Timing

It is more challenging to perform transition process online for enterprises who were using traditional methods for the same. It is like saying your grandfather to throw his reading specs and use contact lens, instead of them. It is not impossible but, quite difficult for him.
Similarly, an enterprise manager or owner does not wish to breach control from their secret database center, transfer power to the cloud provider, and locate confidential data on the web. The lack of resources and expertise skills are more than enough to come under the list of cloud computing challenges.

5. Cloud Information Management Problems

Think of scenario where students are getting trained in artwork by using their hands. This includes adding a brush stroke here and there through the hands. Now they are asked by their trainers to work with Adobe Photoshop to design a poster. Surely it an upgrade in their work but, a difficult one. It is because sheer variety of tools and options in Photoshop makes them usable in managing things. All due to the absence of expertise or training, leaving them in a confused state.
In business cloud environment, the challenge of cloud computing is that IT engineers are not trained with web security skills. There are multiple options and complicated controls available but, employees are unknown at their exact use.

Adopt CloudCodes Solutions to Deal With All Challenges

For a tech expert or a normal IT engineer, it is not possible for them to deal with cloud computing challenge up to mark. So, it is better to give this duty to a person or solution, which is well-known from approaches to deal with them. Here comes the role of cloud service providers who render security-as-a-service. Several vendors are present in the marketplace who offers this service and, choosing the one perfect one is another big challenge. So to troubleshoot your big challenge, we are recommending you CloudCodes solution. Because of the advance and consolidated techniques, it is categorized under one of the best cloud security service vendor. Rest, you can judge the functionalities offered by this service and then only, adopt it.