End of the Year 2020 And Its Time To Prepare For Cyber Security 2021

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • January 12th, 2021

We are entered into a new year i.e., 2021. There is a well-said quote that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Therefore, here we came with this post to aware cloud users worldwide of the preventive measures to be taken for Cyber security 2021.

It has been a great year for cloud service providers because now people from each corner of the world are using cloud services either for professional or personal use. Additionally, there existed attacks on businesses and end-users that have been more frequent this year. The tactics enforced by internet criminals and hackers are more innovative. Now just think – How many data leakages we will address in the year 2021 and how big are are they gonna be? Neither a cloud security expert nor a forensic investigator has a crystal ball, which makes predictions over this. Still based upon the incidences that took place this year, we can make predictions for Cyber security 2021. For example – According to the Gartner Group, it has been estimated that this year Australian enterprises paid around $3.8 billion for money protection. It feels as if this figure is going to increase in the year 2021, instead of getting a shrink. It is so because now also companies are not investigating their proper time and finance as they should, to achieve prevention from data breaches. Well, let’s see what predictions are made by experts regarding Cybersecurity in the year 2021.

List of Cyber Security 2021 Predictions

As you decide about the methods to impose cloud security measures in advance, here are the activities and trends. These are going to give an idea of how to enhance your business online data protection level in the next year. We assume that these trends are going to come in news headlines over the next coming 12 months.

  • Ransomware Attacks on The Wane – In the year 2020, Ransomware attacks acted like a big challenge for enterprises worldwide. Malicious applications were designed to restrict access to data until the victim does not pay some ransom. There were many forms of Ransomware attacks, which originated this year by hackers to gain monetary profit from the targeted entity. Several individuals’ and enterprises’ systems were infected with ransomware but as of now, it has been predicted that this attack has now waned. Improvement in Cybersecurity architecture and awareness in each working employee has resulted in a warning of this attack. Wait, Wait, Wait, don’t get excited, still challenges are there! Even if the threat is going down then also, you have to adopt safety measures for the same because no one knows that when it will come back in its advanced version.
  • The emergence of New Targets in 2021– We can expect more Cyber scammers ranging in the new arena of vulnerability because still, enterprises are continuing to batten down the hatches. Intruders might be in search of employees who can easily be targeted with personalized attacks. A typical scam procedure comprises of an attack in which a phone call is made to a targeted individual to inform him or her that his or her account is hacked, vulnerable code has been inserted and compromising screenshots have been taken. This Cyber security 2021 tip recommends end-users not to believe in these sorts of fraud calls. Simply reject the call without giving any response to intruders and immediately, change the passwords of your online accounts. This changing of password idea is suggested to completely eliminate the risks of accounts being getting hacked. It would be more beneficial if you report this fraud call to higher authorities of your business or concerned legal party of your state.
  • Set Customer’s Records on Priority – Apart from the business-sensitive content, there exist customer records files in an enterprise. These files include the information of your business clients who have faith in you that you will keep their personal data secure. It is quite usual that enterprises who deal with customer’s data for their annual growth will collect and store client’s information. In this case, businesses have to realize one thing that customer’s database is also their private property. If this property gets leaked, you are breaking the blind trust of your customers and hence, the company’s reputation as well. Of course, things are going to be advance in the year 2021 and so the cloud threats too. Therefore, tighten up the Cybersecurity of customer’s records as much you can because customers are the one who helps you in a growing business.

CloudCodes Is Always There For Cybersecurity

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