Security As A Service (SECaaS) – Let’s See Why Should You Adopt It In Your Business

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • January 21st, 2021

What is Security as a Service (SECaaS)?

In the enterprise world, the term ‘IT solution deployment’ is a procedure that comprises of purchasing PCs with hard disks then, establishing its connectivity with the firm’s data center, and at the end installing the software on them. This deployment option has completely changed the working pattern in offices in today’s world. Adoption of IT Solutions as a service eliminates the purchasing of hardware and hence, its maintenance costing. But, to work with these solutions one has to also adopt security as a service approach. This is majorly required because until and unless you are not having a cloud data protection solution, you will not be able to get the best out of the IT or online solutions.

Consumption as a service has now become mainstream in some apps like CRM or email servers. These services have exceeded the use of self-hosted equivalents, other areas like IT security. All things are self-hosted or managed even in the enterprises, which are adopting trending online IT solutions. The IT solution service providers themselves recommend their business client to work with security as a service in cloud computing. According to them, it a big concern that needs to be taken seriously to achieve prevention against Cyberthreats in today’s date.

Importance of Security as a Service

The Selection of IT security products is now considered mission-critical in the modern CyberWorld. For the existing or upcoming generations in recent society, we realized that people are relying more on external services, including social media sites, online chatting platforms, emails, etc. Following are the example where the use of IT Solution as a service has tremendously increased:

  • Healthcare Industries – Suppose you are sick and want treatment from the certified healthcare industry. If you are having a known doctor, your first preference will be that for sure. But, in case you are not known then, you will simply Google for the same. A bundle of online healthcare service vendors will be listed in front of you whose selection will be made by you on the basis of their certification, popularity, and customer rating.
  • Finance Service Vendors – In today’s world of digitization, we keep our money in banks or in insurance companies. This gives a better certainty and the management for our wealth rather than storing money secretively in basements or house-lockers. Moreover, one can transfer money from one account to another only by sitting in one place. All needed is to adopt cloud security as a service so that money doesn’t get lost on the public cloud.

In the real world, one can imagine day-to-day examples where they are making use of IT solutions. Now just wait for a second, and realize that all the examples are having one quality common in them:

“Daily life problems are now becoming easier to solve either in terms of bank transactions or anything else. While sitting at home, you can carry away your work in the shortest time period. All this is happening due to the external service vendors. They are more competent at problem-solving in a wide manner, based on healthcare, IT issues, financial problems, and many more.”

SECaaS Makes IT Solution Worthful

The procedure of outsourcing security management as a service is named security as a service. It comprises the apps like anti-virus products availed on the internet. But, the same term also offers security management solutions in-house on-demand by external enterprises. These enterprises are the ones whose mission and vision is only to protect confidential data of customer’s businesses. Their growth is dependent on the security services offered to clients. An security as a service providers offers tons of benefits like:

  • Regular updates in virus definitions, which aren’t dependent on user compliance.
  • Provides more security features with higher effects in comparison with manual ones.
  • Automated online data protection solutions eliminating human intervention for security.
  • Overall it is cheaper to adopt this one service instead of achieving different security measures separately.
  • Provides a user interface, enabling in-house administration with several options and analysis of on-going activities in business.

When You Are Having CloudCodes CASB Then, Why To Go For Others?

N numbers of IT security as service solutions are available in the marketplace, and selecting one suitable out of them is not at all an easy task. So, instead of going to other security as a service vendors, just give one trial to the CloudCodes CASB solution provider. This vendor comprises all IT security solutions that are required in a business to be safe from data breaches or Cyberattacks. To today’s date, CloudCodes is the trust of more than 100 million people all around the world. Therefore, we suggest you at least give this solution one chance to prove itself and then, you can make your final decision.