CASB To Ensure Cloud Data Security For Healthcare Segment

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  • May 21st, 2018

Cloud Data Security For Healthcare Segment

Current Scenario Of The Cloud Data Security For Healthcare Industry

Keeping the confidentiality of data of patients is of utmost importance to any healthcare service provider, who is working to spread its wings in the healthcare domain. HIPAA act provides and provisions for the efficacy and discharge of regulatory compliance norms and governs the policies that need to be implemented for ensuring smooth and safe transactions involving any confidential or private data. So, all healthcare businesses that take part in accessing any such confidential information must comply with the laid-down foundations governed by HIPAA. Consider a scenario where a famous footballer is scheduled to have a knee surgery, or a very famous Hollywood actress is scheduled for a breast lift surgery, it’s definitely going to be the talk of the town for many ad agencies, and a news for many advertisers who are always on the lookout of such info to get their TRP ratings ahead of everyone else without acknowledging the fact that they owe the courtesy to obtain the due consent from the celebrity before leaking any such news. Thus, any surgical procedures, or for that matter, any healthcare associates, must ensure the secrecy of such information. This is where, HIPAA compliance becomes the ‘standard of care’ and becomes mandatory for all healthcare firms to follow. Having said that; cloud data security for healthcare providers is becoming a cause for concern after mass cloud adoption!

Current Cloud Security Challenges In The Healthcare Segment

Cloud adoption has become commonplace. Even the cloud data security for healthcare providers trust many cloud-based services nowadays for the productivity benefits ensured via free user movement, scalable systems, and better-managed work environments. As a result of this, HIPAA Compliance is becoming all the more difficult to achieve. Along with HIPAA, other such regulatory compliance also being there to govern the patient data transacted within these healthcare firms. So, all-in-all cloud data security for healthcare is something that most healthcare providers are wary about while moving to cloud. So, free user access and other such flexibility rendered after cloud transition have been causing a great difficulty, which needs to be addressed immediately, making CASB solutions the need of the hour. Effectual CASB solutions work hand-hand-hand with cloud providers to provide the robust cloud security systems for such healthcare firms. Right in the initial run of any cloud based service, through different departments of any healthcare organization, the IT teams start facing several unforeseen security issues due to users free data access from about any device without any of the restrictions imposed upon them. It is also felt by most such firms that cloud providers security control is not adequate to ensure complete enterprise security, especially in the cases where this data access happens through any unmanaged device/devices, unregistered IP addresses, any personal BYOD devices like tablets and laptops etc.

How CloudCodes CASB Can Help And Its Benefits

CloudCodes CASB solutions are exceptionally useful for cloud data security for healthcare firms. Deploying CloudCodes CASB solution customized for your firm with required restriction policies can be implemented. Such restriction policies help the healthcare companies a great deal in managing their data, thus having a greater level of cloud security for sharing of patient records and other medical data.

CloudCodes CASB Use Cases

With CloudCodes CASB solutions as your data security arm, healthcare companies can become fully capable of securing their sensitive patient records and other confidential health-related data over their cloud run systems. Here, you can refer to some of the Healthcare Case studies of CloudCodes, wherein, these cloud data security for healthcare providers deployed CloudCodes CASB solutions and benefitted greatly from them in terms of greater security, overcoming any healthcare challenges for cloud security.