Are You Making The Most From Your CASB Adoption?

Debasish Pramanik Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • August 20th, 2021

Statistics Speak For CASB Adoption

Augmenting the use of cloud-based systems with increasing maturity of many CASB solutions has driven more massive enterprise-level CASB adoption.

  • Currently, CASB has become an essential part of any enterprise’s security-stack. Analysis report from Gartner predicts that by the year 2020, around 85% of organizations would use a CASB solution for securing their cloud-run applications.
  • Cloud computing is indeed the most incredible force in the technology market today, and this has seen in the last decade or so. Forrester predicts that this scene would continue disrupting conventional computing models at least through the year 2020. Starting in the year 2017, big enterprises moved to the cloud hugely, and this has, in a way, super-charged the market.
  • The Cloud working environment has enabled these new and complex business models, orchestrating far more global integration networks in the year 2017 than many analyst firms were predicting it. Along with rising CASB adoption increasingly by many small and medium businesses (SMBs), leading researchers like Gartner and Forrester are also adjusting their predicted market forecasts upward.

CASB Adoption

Cloud Access Security Brokers are a part of enterprise solutions for aligning their cloud strategies without the risk of unsanctioned apps and access. Enterprises are gaining more and better organizational data security value from these CASB solutions by securing as well as by controlling their sanctioned cloud apps, including Office 365, Salesforce, and Zoho, etc. Firms are using CASB solutions for preventing any advanced data threats while sharing files on the cloud. To address any data leak attempts, CASBs ensure that cloud login credentials are not abused whenever they fall into the wrong hands of unauthorized users.

How to Evaluate the Best-Suited CASB Solution?

CASB vendors are increasing with each passing day to complement the growing demand for such Cloud security solutions. The race is on, and the online market is flooded with such CASB vendors, who are giving out different solutions to address specific types of data security needs that vary from organization to organization. Features of such CASB solutions also differ from one vendor to another. While fetching the services of any such CASB vendor, one must look for the elements, which would make that service entirely useful as per the enterprise security needs. Some valuable features of available CASB solutions include SSO (Single Sign-On), Active Directory, Identity Access Management, Access Control (Web/mobile), IP Restriction, Device Restriction, Time Restriction, Geo Location, Browser Restriction, App Restriction, WIFI restriction, Network Restriction, and Shadow IT, etc.

When you compare CASB vendors and their CASB solutions, a careful check of the features offered always helps to make a smart selection of the best CASB solution, especially suited for your enterprise security needs. Features like Single Sign-On (SSO), Access, Control, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Shadow IT, Browser, Time, Device, Geo-restrictions, etc., are available in CASB solution. However, there may be some vendors who are not giving out these essential features. 

Why Compare CASB Vendors?

When we compare CASB vendors in an effort to compare CASB solutions provided by them, we find that certain features are present on a particular solution whereas missing in the others. This attempt to compare CASB vendors helps users compare CASB solutions and find the one that is best-suited as per their organizational cloud security requirements, which differ from company to company. Some of the features like Mapping User Identities, Time Restriction, Device Restriction, etc., are not seen to be present in other solutions when we compare CASB vendors and their solutions, which are fortunately there in CloudCodes CASB Solutions, making them one of the most promising solutions available around.