IP Restriction For Cloud Security

IP Restriction For Granular Control On Enterprise Data

One of the biggest challenges faced while working in any cloud environment is an easy access from anywhere, anytime and any device. Though this flexibility ensures better productivity at work, but at the same time, poses security threats too as data is at stake of being leaked. More often than not, confidentiality of sensitive data gets compromised and data breaches happen either by people within the organizations or by outsiders. CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers) solution is thus the need of the hour.

IP Restriction For Cloud Security, an Access Control feature by CloudCodes CASB, enables an IT to impose IP restriction policies for ensuring the data access from pre-defined IP addresses only to gain security through visibility into how the organizational data is being used, in and from the cloud, thereby, reaching better data control.

IP Restriction For Cloud Security feature allows the IT admin to White-list IP addresses’ list of the location from where the organization intends its users to access their cloud accounts. The IP addresses would be the public IP addresses (WAN IP) of the network of that particular enterprise. This IP Restriction feature is nested under Access Control of CloudCodes CASB solution, providing multiple policies creation that can be applied to all users, an OU (Organization Unit) or a particular user. This also helps to restrict access from particular devices based on their IP addresses on the same lines of Whitelisting and Blacklisting IP addresses.

This IP Restriction For Cloud Security feature of CloudCodes CASB solution thus caps user access to avoid unexpected and inevitable data breaches that can otherwise induce great losses to organizations, and helps the enterprises gain a better data security handle for augmented cloud security through amplified data control.