Why a CASB for SMBs is Necessary For Cloud Security

Debasish Pramanik Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • June 10th, 2021

With the digitization of work, big and small, SMB’s significance of data has undoubtedly increased. Working with soft copies is the only real way of organizational operations today. In companies like the healthcare sector, where HIPAA compliance is mandatory, or maybe legal firms, etc., the importance of data is amplified. The critical information is highly sensitive to any company that has access to this data of their clients, losing which can lead to severe losses. Sometimes even loss of business on the whole as any data breach is unwelcome and also earns a negative reputation for the company in the eyes of its clients. So, a CASB for SMBs plays a significant role in averting any such types of damages.

Threats SMBs Face after Moving to Cloud

Slowly and steadily, as technology progresses, comfort is something that is fused into our lives. Our work-related activities are no different, either. Even today, with a cloud working environment, employees are gaining many comfortable ways to work their ideas out and to be more productive by cutting the confines of cubicles and gaining easy access from anywhere and at any time. However, such practices also put data at risk of being leaked. For example, if a user accesses the organizational data through his Smartphone, then while carrying it outside the locales of the office premises, it poses a threat to an organization’s data security. There could be chances of any potential data breaches, so only one can think of mending any gaps in the system and make the system secure without leaving the cloud.

Fact File

Gartner, the leading technological innovation firm, illustrates and shares findings on how cloud solutions help the leading IT firms in architecture and applications reconfiguration quickly to scale up the operations to any proportions in a quick time. The analyses from Gartner are beneficial in providing valuable insights into the major IT giants to become future-ready and to convert any opportunities into business by becoming a part of cloud computing. IT firms can easily manage vast volumes of data reliably using cloud services with agility due to the platform being so robust and cost-effective to support the big leap in all aspects, including the cost-benefit. The CIOs are quick to respond to such innovations that are even authorized by big IT firms like Gartner. Still, this determination of security and confidentiality is maintained at the point of migration to the cloud. It becomes mandatory to go ahead and fetch the best CASB service provider that can be your escort after successful cloud migration, leaving no room for any data security issues.

Importance of a CASB for SMBs

Small businesses, startups, and medium businesses face maximum trouble owing to migration. It would make them difficult even to sustain if any such issue crops, which leaves them nullified in terms of business management and gaining back the right clients. So, to enterprise security, it becomes mandatory for SMBs to turn towards CASB vendors.

Compare CASB Vendors

There are several players in the race of top CASB vendors, but while selecting any of these CASB vendors, you must compare the CASB solutions they provide. You need to exercise great caution while choosing the best-suited CASB solution as per your organizational requirements on the whole. Top CASB vendors would be a natural choice, as surely market leaders are considered first always, but be aware of the fact many of such vendors might lack some aspects related to cloud security. While you compare CASB vendors, you would find even others integrating their solutions with these market leaders, but this could also mean that customers end up purchasing more than one answer. It is where CloudCodes holds an edge. CloudCodes has many options for customizing its solutions as per the needs of specific client enterprises.

Why Should Businesses use a CASB?

CASB is currently a necessary bit of any organization’s cybersecurity framework. Organizations utilizing cloud applications for efficiency, coordinated effort, and capacity inevitably undergo a certain set of challenges for working in the cloud. Using CASB resolves vast numbers of these difficulties by giving unequaled security, visibility, and access command to conduct cloud applications.

Over a while, CASB has been able to successfully resolve security issues that enterprises are encountering while storing their data on cloud computing. This article will discuss in detail the significant challenges which CASB has addressed.

Cost-Effectiveness of CloudCodes CASB Solution For SMBs

CloudCodes is one of the most preferred CASB solutions for SMBs. CloudCodes for Business is very cost-effective, and it also requires an additional data security layer on cloud apps giving your organization complete controls over an extended security arm. Choosing CloudCodes has been the right selection for many clients on many parameters. Their more extensive feature palette is amongst the big box of benefits coming out of the box, needed by SMBs to attain complete enterprise security.