A CASB Cloud Solution Is Like A Complete Package for Cloud Security Solutions

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • January 13th, 2021

Cloud access security broker or CASB cloud solution renders federal or business IT leaders deep visibility into the online services and add an extra layer to upgrade Cybersecurity level.” The use of web services in today’s era is booming all over the federal government. According to the Bloomberg Government analysis report, it was expected that the obligations on online services contracts are going to increase by 32% in the year 2018. This includes not only the SaaS apps like Office 365 or Windows 10 OS but, also the IaaS and PaaS like Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Google cloud platform, Amazon web services, and many more. As per the “Cloud Smart” strategy of the Trump administration, a high-level of acceleration in value is expected to take place in the year 2019. The security experts of CloudCodes believes:

“When you shift your daily operations on the cloud, you do not have any other choices left. You are not owning your personal storage infrastructure, but still keeping your applications and information on storage services (owned by external parties).”

Here comes the call for an opportunity where businesses need to understand their data, its access by office workers, a workflow of secretive content, and at the end of the day its security aspect. No one can ignore the thing that ‘when you are working with online services, cloud data security is a crucial aspect.’ Either by hook or by crook, you have to adopt a comprehensive online data security measure, which is capable of providing safety from data leakage incidents and Cybercrimes.

What is the CASB Solution?

Nowadays businesses are showing their trust in the cloud to host their apps and data on PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS cloud services. This requires a unified access and control point, which gives cloud users visibility and control on all their resources, usage, and data. A CASB cloud solution is a package of online data protection services that can be considered as a ‘single unified cloud access protection control point.’ It gives consistent visibility into the cloud data along with control over all web services, utilized by industries. The cloud access security broker architecture scans, measures, and generates a report about which online apps are currently running on the networks of business. It comprises policies, data loss prevention techniques, access controls security services, auditing systems, and other security measures that are needed for apps to secure on the external networks. Since CASB cloud solution append protection to the cloud-based programs (that have several data center places) therefore, they also ensure data security compliance by imposing things like data residency. An intelligent analytic feature is also provided in CASBs to give assurance to end users that no unauthorized account access will take place. This analytic feature is based upon the machine learning concept. Well, Gartner made a prediction in November 2017 that 60% of big enterprises will start using CASB for governing cloud services by the year 2021.

CASB Cloud Solution is Importance in Federal Operations

Listed with several uses, CASBs comprises a bundle of applicability for federal industries. CloudCodes CASB solution can help enterprises of the federal domain also who are seeking solutions to handle online apps security, which they use.

“How risky is it to work with cloud applications and services?”

CloudCodes software can help federal IT leaders with reporting of compliance and certifications as well. It identifies confidential information stored on the cloud and enforce DLP security standards to meet the data residency as well as compliance requirements. This package of online data protection services also helps Feds with monitoring solutions.

“How can federal enterprises track sensitive data, which might be flowing in to and fro motion?”

Don’t worry, we have the answer to this question! CASB cloud solution holds a monitoring system within it. This system displays the real-time duration of business confidential data being in use. Federal agency’s administration department can utilize this system to know how their data is being accessed, by whom, and at what time. Not only one but, a broad range of choices are given to customers when they make a decision of controlling their large set of online apps via CASB cloud security services.

CloudCodes CASB Vendor Is Always At Your Service

Either it is about a healthcare domain, IT industries, military agencies, or federal governments, CloudCodes CASB service provider is available for all. According to the business arena, there are variations in rendered solutions but, they can be customized on basis of the customer’s requirements. One can deploy CASB cloud solution for data loss prevention and online security, for access controls, and for analyses of user and entity behavior. All this raises the overall importance of a CASB from a simple visibility tool to the cloud service governance software. Although people don’t consider encryption and tokenization as a priority in CASB cloud solutions, working without both these core solutions is a huge risk. Therefore, CloudCodes CASB software also includes the feature of encrypting data when it is in rest and transmit mode.

It has been cleared that federal agencies are soon going to turn to CASBs more in coming years. Just like in early times, the firewalls have been considered as a basic building block in online security architecture similarly, now CASBs are going to be considered as fundamental building blocks very soon.