Data Loss Prevention – Because Sometimes, Prevention Is the Best Cure!

Debasish Pramanik Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • October 26th, 2017

Data Loss Prevention

Data volumes are seeing an exponential growth, which is in turn augmenting data theft possibilities and mistaken disclosures of critical data and sensitive information. What organizations can adopt here in order to protect these data breaches is DLP, i.e. data loss prevention. DLP helps in identifying, monitoring and protecting the data in use, the data that is in motion on the network, and the data that is at rest in data storage areas or on various desktops/laptops/phones/tablets.

Strong Reasons for Organizations to Adopt DLP Solutions

Companies Are Not Always Sure Where the Confidential Data Is Stored, Sent and Who’s Accessing It. DLP provides 360-degree-view of data location, data flow and data usage across the entire enterprise, checking all the network actions against security policies of the organization, allowing protection and control of sensitive data, including PII or personally-identifiable-information, customer information, intellectual property, financial data etc. With thorough data understanding, organizations can set right protection policies, making risk-prioritized decisions about the assets that need protection and the cost incurred for it.

Companies Are Wary against External Intrusions, but Do Not Protect Data Leak and Unintended Disclosures by Employees/Partners. Not every time, data loss is caused due to malicious attacks of external intruders. Sometimes, it causes an unintended disclosure or inadvertent mishandling of sensitive information by an internal employee. Data Loss Prevention detects such files containing confidential data and prevents it from being passed through the company’s network by blocking such critical data transfers to removable storage media. DLP also applies policies safeguarding such data on case-to-case basis.

Companies Worry about Multiple Losses after Data Breaches. Data breaches have constantly been making headlines at an alarming rate wreaking havoc on organizations through fines, negative publicity, loss customers and other legal actions. Organizations, meanwhile, are taking longer to discover about a breach and it’s typically the customers or law-enforcement agencies that raise the alarm for them, but unfortunately not their own security systems.

Maintaining Compliance Is a Concern with Complex Regulations. Noncompliance penalties with stringent privacy regulations and data breach notifying laws (like the ones within EU GDPR) are growing continuously. Technology controls are mandatory for achieving compliance, which Data Loss Prevention can provide along with addressing particular requirements, automating compliance, enabling collection & reporting attempts.

Proprietary Information Needs Protection against Data Security Threats Increased due to Enhanced Mobility of Employees and Inception of New Communication Channels. In most organizations today, employees are turning towards social networking mediums, instant messages and other Web applications for keeping up with their consumer trends. Data Loss Prevention in this case helps in preventing any accidental disclosure of confidential data and sensitive information across unsecured channels of communication, without putting any permanent blocks, at the same time; thus, keeping them still open for appropriate use. With the abundant use of mobile devices and remote working of many employees, corporate data is now increasingly residing both inside and outside of the organizations. Wherever the data is living in transit on networks, rest in company’s storage, or in some laptops or Smartphones, DLP helps in monitoring it and reducing any data loss risks.

Data Loss Prevention Must Never Be an Afterthought!

Cloud Access Security Brokers pitch in here. CASB solutions can help a great deal in this regard. Adopting a comprehensive strategy for data loss prevention must not be afterthought for any organization; as it can help prevent your organization a great deal. CloudCodes leading cloud-based DLP solution is very effective for organizations to adopt. With CloudCodes DLP solution, enterprises can surely ensure the safety of their intellectual property, proprietary data and confidential information. The threat of employees sending any such sensitive data outside the corporate network would be minimized with the adoption of CloudCodes DLP solution as it would detect any potential data breaches or data exfiltration transmissions, thus preventing data leak by monitoring/detecting/blocking critical data while in-use (endpoint actions), in-motion (network traffic) or at-rest (data storage).