CloudCodes The Best CASB Vendor of 2020 – Review

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • December 30th, 2020

User Review for CloudCodes CASB Solutions

Here, we are not with the purpose of advertising the brand or software but, we are here to share our experience with CloudCodes. Through this post, we want to tell everyone that we are pleased to be the customer of CloudCodes and with full confidence, we can commit that, CloudCodes the best CASB vendor of 2020.

“We are a team of IT experts who work in a medium-sized firm where we deliver software as solutions. With the emergence of cloud computing, we started our regular business work with Office 365 and G Suite. Till the year 2016, things were going smoothly and cloud information security was easy for us to manage simultaneously. But, as the time passed away and technology started increasing day-by-day, we found that being an IT expert it’s now impossible for us to compete with recent Cyberthreats. Dangerous thoughts regarding cloud attacks like Ransomware, DDoS, Pony loader, etc., were roaming all-around in our mind. Even if we try to work on the preventive measures then, we were not able to focus on our actual business work. Finally, we decided to adopt a CASB vendor, which provides security-as-a-service. One of our teammates suggested us to work with CloudCodes and, we thought of giving it a chance. Luckily, it was the day we found CloudCodes like a life savior for our company and now we are its completely satisfied customer. Words might be less but still, we want to share our views regarding this CASB service provider.”

Introduction of CloudCodes The Best CASB Vendor of 2020

CloudCodes is a third-party Security-as-a-Service vendor, which offers security to online users. Its aim is to come up with innovative and agile measures for online data protection in the business world. The solution gets consolidated with the customer’s cloud service provider app and fills all gaps from where data breach or Cyberthreat could take place. It offers extra add-ons and controls to achieve control in our hands. Enterprise cloud security solutions like Access control, MDM security, shadow IT protection, data loss prevention policies, etc., are rendered by this app. The amazing part with this vendor is that all things are available on one integrated screen in a simple and systematic manner. CloudCodes CASB solution is available for the following cloud services:

In recent days, it also came up with CloudCodes for Chromebook Security. We are not working with Chromebook in our business, therefore, cannot tell anything about that. But yes, it seems as if its functionalities are the same alike others that ensure 100% cloud data protection.

Astonishing Features Offered By CloudCodes

Following listed are few unique features of this best CASB vendor, which we found different from others:

  1. Cloud Application Security – CloudCodes is a vendor that provides security to the cloud-hosted offering solutions. It enables consumers to get united with their SaaS or web-based application and enables CSPs to establish a secure connection. A cloud data visibility in cloud software and services is achieved with this service provider. Enterprises will be able to gain sophisticated analytics whose purpose is to address and eliminate Cyberthreats.
  2. Advance Security Algorithms – No matter whether the business’s vital content is at rest or in transmit mode, this solution keeps data security all the time. Data at rest is important to be availed of because it gives an assurance that even if a hacker gets access to the target’s PC then, things are of no worth because data is secured. With CloudCodes, it is easy to accomplish the same on business information.
  3. Renders Shadow IT Protection – Several enterprises feel that Shadow IT technology is a big reason for causing data leakage and hence, do not make use of it. However, such businesses are unknown from the fact that it happens only when they are not having strong control over their business data access. This best CASB vendor provides features of Shadow IT protection, enabling us to make the best out of Shadow IT by ensuring security too.
  4. Offers Cloud DLP Solutions – CloudCodes DLP solution assists its firm in analyzing, tracking, and protecting content at its best. It enforces an advanced level of DLP strategy in business and updates it automatically with the change in requirements. An administrator will be able to enforce and manage data access control easily with help of the CloudCodes solution.

CloudCodes The Best CASB Vendor for All Segment

Well, we are using CloudCodes for IT domain purposes but, it is also present for other domains.

  • CloudCodes for Education Security – Provides security to individuals who are in educational domains like colleges and schools
  • CloudCodes for Governance Security – Provides cloud data protection to healthcare domains and other government-based programs
  • CloudCodes for Personal Security – Provides personal cloud storage security to home-based users
  • CloudCodes for Enterprise Security – Provides security to IT industries of all sizes

Last Few Lines

User Comment – “We want to thank CloudCodes for providing services at its best. It has freed us from the stress of cyberthreat occurrence and now we are able to manage our actual business work. If you are reading this post then, we will suggest you that just give it a trial and we assure you that you’ll definitely get impressed. It is worth spending money on CloudCodes solution in order to gain unbreakable cloud storage protection in a business.”