How CloudCodes Identity and Access Management (IAM) Helps Secure Enterprises across Industries?

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • June 26th, 2020

What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

Most of the organizations are accelerating towards the cloud-based environment. They are transferring their work either on the private or public cloud platform. But, sometimes, it is a challenging task for all companies to keep data safe and secure in the cloud. Vision and proper strategy these two things are most important for cloud management security. In the current scenario, customer needs to tackle each program anywhere either on-premises or in the cloud. Therefore, Identity and Access Management (IAM) provided by CloudCodes solution can be used in an enterprise or cross-network. In this blog, we are going to discuss some advanced features of Identity Management in detail. Before that, let us explore what is Identity and Access Management (IAM) in Cloud Computing.

Challenges Faced by Industries

Many industry giants are gradually becoming far more proficient with their robust cloud platforms, which add flexibility to their work culture, and employees engage in a better work environment, benefiting both the company as well as the employees. With such a win-win, decision-making processes are also not confined only to office premises any longer. While these benefits help these firms to achieve better productivity levels, but many of them start realizing the various challenges of moving to cloud. Firms cannot stop or cannot even restrict users for accessing data, nor can they gain thorough data visibility or identify legit users or those who are not. These gaps can give rise to data breaches of sensitive data and critical information. Hence, cloud apps deployment is posing a serious question to enterprises. Another major challenge that companies are facing is with users not changing their passwords for many days. Hence, companies look for IAM or Identity and Access Management solutions, which would help them in notifying to change the password on a time-to-time basis.

CloudCodes’ Identity and Access Management (IAM) Feature

IAM feature of CloudCodes CASB solution is a kind of personal verification via Password Management, which can prevent any such ubiquitous data-breach. The IAM solution would deal with identifying users with specific verification steps within a pre-defined work-system, whether it is a country, some network, of enterprises for ensuring better cloud security. This Identity and Access Management feature would help in controlling the access to different resources within the systems by incorporating some user-policies as well as restrictions with verified identities. Password policy with 2-factor authentication is a useful method to control user information over the operations. With the IAM solution, companies can identify/manage/control user identities across their systems by setting up these policies, which unquestionably an intelligent method of handling this security issue with characters in any enterprise.

How CloudCodes IAM Helps Secure Enterprises Across Industries?

Many firms evaluate CASB vendors, whose service they can avail to set up their strong password policies for securing cloud data. CASB solution helps in better cloud security indeed. Many firms have adopted CloudCodes Identity Management solutions, and with the help of these, those firms can now set up robust password policies, which will help organizations on the whole. Such strong password policies enable those companies to impose self password reset, password complexity, as well as forgot password policies, which help in their cloud data security efforts. The implementation of this self password resetting system has helped in reducing the IT helpdesk tickets considerably for many such firms. CloudCodes has added that extra layer of cloud data security without any such significant changes in the data management of the enterprises, thus effectively leveraging cloud agility, that too, securely.

Few Benefits of Identity and Access Management in Cloud Security

Cloud services offer several advantages over all other traditional products. Go through the following actions to understand the few benefits of Identity and Access Management in cloud computing:

  • Enhanced Network Abilities: Identity management (IM) makes it simple in sharing the network capabilities with a complete grid of users who were connected with it.
  • Provides a secure collaboration: SaaS protocol is designed and utilized as a hub for connecting with all virtual networks of suppliers, distributors, and trading partners.
  • Support On-demand improvement: The problem that affects from churn protects organizations with a cloud-based solution. All experts can be able to provide 24*7 hours support and monitoring, whenever needed.
  • Increase Overall Productivity: It is completely known that cloud-based services are configured and hosted by service providers. This may also get a little or zero hassle either for users or any other clients. As a result, many organizations can improve their overall productivity.
  • Centralized Management System: Business users can be able to manage all services and programs at one place with the cloud-based services. Identity and Access Management can be done with one click on a single dashboard.