How CloudCodes Identity and Access Management Helps Secure Enterprises across Industries?

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • January 5th, 2018

This is an era where account hackers are having upper hands, but firms can really take better user control, network control as well as manage data access with IAM or Identity & Access Management. Cloud IAM security technology as well as solutions can be utilized to protect businesses from getting into the malicious hands. Identity management is far more important now than it was before as this is age where passwords could be hacked within few minutes, and data breaches are a daily thing. Cyber criminals have been seen to successfully infiltrate numerous top government systems as well as big enterprises too. Just one hacked credentials set can let a person with malicious intent to peep into any enterprise network. Studies depict that around thirty five percent of passwords that have been linked to breaches had been identical to those one which were used for other accounts as well and the remaining sixty five percent could easily be cracked. The challenge remains for enterprises is then to do something beyond just passwords and that is where IAM seeps into the systems.

Challenges Industries Face Usually

Many industry giants are gradually becoming far more proficient with theirs robust cloud platforms, which add flexibility to their work culture and employees engage in better work environment, benefiting both the company as well as the employees. With such a win-win, decision-making processes are also not confined only to office premises any longer. While these benefits help these firms to achieve better productivity levels, but many of them start realizing the various challenges of moving into cloud. Firms cannot stop or cannot even restrict users for accessing data, nor can they gain thorough data visibility or identify legit users or those who are not. These gaps can possibly give rise to data breaches of sensitive data and critical information. Hence, cloud apps deployment is posing a serious question to enterprises. Another major challenge that companies is facing is with users not changing their passwords for many days. Hence, companies look for IAM or Identity and Access Management solutions, which would help them in notifying to change password on a time-to-time basis.

CloudCodes for Business Identity and Access Management Feature

IAM feature of CloudCodes CASB solution is a kind of personal verification via Password Management, which can be used to prevent any such ubiquitous data-breach. The IAM solution would deal with identifying users with certain verification steps within a pre-defined work-system, whether it is a country, some network, of enterprises for ensuring better cloud security. This Identity Management feature would help in controlling the access to different resources within the systems by incorporating some user-policies as well as restrictions with verified identities. Password policy with 2 factor authentication is really a useful method to control user information over the systems. With IAM solution, companies can identify/manage/control user identities across their systems by setting up these policies, which unquestionably an intelligent method of handling this security issue with identities in any enterprise.

How CloudCodes IAM Helps Secure Enterprises across Industries?

Many firms evaluate CASB vendors, whose service they can avail to set up their strong password policies for securing cloud data. CloudCodes CASB solution helps in better cloud security indeed. Many firms have adopted CloudCodes Identity Management solutions, and with the help of these, those firms can now setup very strong password policies, which will help organizations on the whole. Such strong password policies enable those companies to impose self password reset, password complexity, as well as forgot password policies; which help in their cloud data security efforts. The implementation of this self password resetting policy has helped in reducing the IT helpdesk tickets considerably for many such firms. CloudCodes has added that extra layer of cloud data security without any such significant changes in the data management of the enterprises, thus effectively leveraging cloud agility, that too, securely.

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