Top Cloud Computing Security Trends To Be Adopted in the Coming Year 2021

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • February 12th, 2021

In the society of data driving, more and more companies are relying on the cloud to achieve digital transformation for their business growth. In a current survey, Gartner reports that in the year 2020, the online market is being projected to touch a staggering $206 billion. The more organizations are getting attracted to the cloud computing world, the more the chances of cyberattacks are increasing. This compulsorily demands cloud data protection techniques to remediate the external threats. These threats can show companies the worst side of CyberWorld. So, it is better to take preventive measures before the occurrence of cybercrime. In this post, you are going to learn about the top cloud computing security trends that need to be known at least to business officials.

What Demands Top Cloud Computing Security Trends In Firms?

The majority of businesses have shifted their core workloads online with help of the CSPs like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, etc. Among this set of business, there are many companies who are in doubt when they are questioned about online security. Well, the shared infrastructure of online security designates that the cloud service providers are responsible to protect the architecture, which runs all services provided by the cloud vendor. Meanwhile, the role of cloud clients is to monitor anomalous user activities, risk configurations, host vulnerabilities, and suspicious network traffic. In the year 2020, we saw several high-profile data leakages including public cloud platforms. However, a report observed that none of the incidences were caused due to the negligence attitude of cloud security vendors.

Cloud security is a shared responsibility – 50% is in the hand of service providers and 50% in hands of the customers. We don’t say to consumers to stop working in the CyberWorld but, we say them to work seriously on the topic of ‘business online data protection’. Technology empowers companies with an infinite set of innovative ideas but still, security is a major concern. In fact, after the major release of EU GDPR compliance, cloud data security requires more attention. It is hard for enterprises to properly digest the practices to protect their business operations online. God knows whether it’s going to be true or not but, it seems to experts that in the upcoming two years, every organization is going to increase their budget on securing their online data. Therefore, here we came with the top cloud computing security trends 2021 in the marketplace with guidelines to execute them.

Top Cloud Computing Security Trends 2021

  1. Attacks By Internal Business Employees – Who knows who is working with what sort of mindset in the business? Whether he or she is for benefiting businesses or acting smartly to harm them? This cloud security trend is going to be difficult to achieve for organizations. It is so because it is not possible for the firm’s authorities to address the intention of humans in just one meeting. Coming straight to the point then, human’s unintentional or intentional mistakes could result in data breach incidences. Even though the organization is having defensive measures for online data protection then also, these errors make defensive measures useless. The only solution to this problem is to equally concentrate on internal threats, and keep a continuous eye on employees’ activities.
  2. Improper Compliance Enforcement in Firms – This is another cloud security trend on which businesses have to work thoroughly. To be safe from paying penalties, organizations enforce core government compliance standards in their firm but, in an improper manner. The purpose of legal bodies to announce these standards mandatory is not to increase the burden of business officials but, to safeguard data on the cloud. Here, the disappointing fact is that majority of the companies take them to forsake and just implement them to not to pay fines. Organizations having this kind of mentality have to understand that it is for their sake only. If they are not enforcing cloud security standards properly, how will policies show their effect? So, be serious while implementing legal online data protection policies on-premises and take the help of a cloud security expert to implement them at the correct location.
  3. Account Compromises Increase in Velocity – Around 29% of enterprises are present in today’s date where compromising of online accounts can take place. In the majority of cases, these incidences occur due to tenant credentials sharing. This means that businesses need to impose strong governance standards and use hygiene policies. This cloud security trend demands this kind of mindset – It is a matter about ‘when’, not ‘if’, the compromise of account data will occur. Industries must enforce a monitoring system for detecting and responding to dangerous user activities.
  4. Increase in Use of Blockchain to Rescue – The concept of Blockchain, which is solely originated for cryptocurrencies, has now found apps in cloud security. Now, it has become a more effective method to overcome cloud computing security challenges. In Blockchain technology, the secretive data is stored in a distributed and decentralized manner. This idea provides prevention against external attacks and enables enterprises to secure online data. Even if someone tries to attempt a threat, an individual working on Blockchain will immediately detect it before its occurrence.

Have A Safe Journey in CyberWorld in the Year 2021

All the above future trends in cloud computing that are going to be required next year, is mentioned in this post. If organizations want to continue their growth with digitization, implement these measures to strengthen existing business online protection. In case, you face any problem CloudCodes team is always there to support and assist you.