Oh, God! Quora Data Breach – Shocking But, Its The Truth

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • January 6th, 2021

Quora data hacking took place in recent days, which means the threat on a crowdsourced question-and-answer website exposed 100 million users’ data. Today, the top question on the Quora site may be ‘Is my data really lost?’ We understand your pain but its a real news that ‘one of the known question-and-answer websites was hacked by a malicious third party who gained personal records of users.’ This post is going to brief end-users on what happened in the Quora data breach incident, what data was theft, and know what steps are to be taken.

Come Let’s Learn About Quora Data Breach Incidence

On December 4th, 2018 (Monday), the company Quora informed its customers that their account has been hacked by a malicious third party. These unknown intruders have gained access to one of the present organizational PCs. Don’t know when Quora data leakage incidence occurred but, the internal security team of the company discovered it on November 30th, 2018. Following Europe’s new data security regulations named GDPR compliance, the company did not disclose the information for 72-hours. It was mandatory for Quora to follow the regulation because the company deals with the EU citizen’s data. Well, it is being observed that personal records of around 100 million were leaked in Quora data breach incidence.

The Q&A site sent an email to all its customers in which it claimed that the hacking was an outcome of the unauthorized use of one of our hacked systems. The following type of content is mailed to the customers:

Quora Data Breach

The information provided in the notification email clearly states that the industry is still investigating Quora data hacking incidence, and major actions are already acquired for mitigating the damage. In today’s date, the company’s priority is only to ‘adopt advance cloud data security measures to achieve prevention against this type of incidence occurs in the upcoming future.

Is the Culprit Caught?

Quora had hired one of the best forensic investigation teams to analyze the entire incidence. The internal security team of the company along with the forensics team is investigating for the same. Both parties are working together to catch the culprit in the shortest time period. After announcing the Quora data breach incident, the company quoted the following kind of apology statements on social media platforms:

“We understand that maintaining the customer’s trust is now difficult for us. Now we have to work harder to ensure our clients that this will never happen again.”

The company is taking the entire responsibility for the incident occurrence and is sorry for the same. It realizes that employees should have worked on its security standards in order to be safe from Quora data hacking. But, who knows when the bad times will come?

Quora Data Breach Leaked What Type of Client’s Details?

As per the current investigation procedure, Quora observed that the following sort of information might be stolen:

  • Users information with their account details like name, IP address, user ID, personalized information, encrypted password
  • Public operations and the data that comprises drafts like questions, comments, answers to the queries, upvotes, blog posts
  • The content imported from associated networks when authorized by you, life communication details, client’s interest, demographic data, access tokens
  • Private data like personal messages or suggested edits
  • Private actions like thanks, answer requests, downvotes

Quora also notified its clients that the data leakage incidence lies under the category of identity theft cybercrime. It is so because no financial records are stolen during the Quora data leakage threat, leading to no exposure of SSN and credit card numbers.

Fine, Quora Data Breached! Now, What to Do?

Being a customer, first of all, we request you to stay charmed and follow the instructions as mentioned below:

  • During these days do not ignore the emails coming from Quora, because they are going to notify you of the current status of data theft incidence.
  • If you have kept the account password of Quora and other online platforms the same, immediately change it from all other platforms.
  • Check that all the social media or business accounts are enabled with the option of multi-factor or two-factor authentication.
  • If you are no more working with the Quora account that had created quite a long time ago, without any delay delete it from the Q&A website.

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