CloudCodes CASB to Help Firms with PCI Compliance

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • August 27th, 2021

What is PCI (Payment Card Industry)?

Before we start on the technicality of PCI, let us know what it stands for. PCI DSS or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard encompasses some set of security standards to maintain a properly secured environment for all companies dealing with accepting, storing, transmitting, or processing credit card information.  All the organizations need to adhere to the defined strictly, and stringent rules and regulations of the PCI and compliance standards have to be met. The PCI Security Standards Council, which initially put these requirements, maintains it as well. Any organization would need to comply with PCI, which is mandatory if they use any credit card information of users. CASB solutions can help with this PCI compliance. 

Need for PCI Compliance 

Once we are clear about what PCI compliance is, the next question that arises is what the need for it is? Any business entity that deals with credit card information has to strictly adhere to the PCI Compliance failing, which severe penalties will be issued, and it may be even stripped of its business portfolio if the need arises. Thus, all types of corporations will need to have PCI compliance, which forms an integral part of the enterprise security portfolio. 

Importance of PCI Compliance 

All business entities that process, accept, store, and transmit credit card info need PCI since that data has to be secured and safeguarded. All such objects with the credit card information have to implement the PCI Compliance, but formal validation is not a mandatory thing. But presently, even the merchants and the service providers who deal with credit cards like the Visa and MasterCard need to be validated as per PCI Compliance. 

Why Is PCI Compliance Needed by Healthcare Firms  

Healthcare firms, their covered entities, and also their business associates, which help in accepting credit cards, debit cards, and other payment generation cards, all these need to comply both with HIPAA and PCI. It is not that if the firm is HIPAA compliant, then PCI is not necessary or vice versa. Many people have a wrong notion that if there are compliant with one cloud data security protocol, it naturally covers the other. But that is not true. Both the HIPAA and PCI are two separate security requirements, and their set of security measures and requirements are distinct from each other. Each of these measures is designed to solve issues regarding different information types. HIPAA is mainly concerned with protecting crucial citizen data and is created by the government bodies for it. PCI was envisaged and designed by the private industry to reduce the costs related to frauds of the payment card information. 

CloudCodes’ CASB solution Help Firms Comply with PCI 

In today’s era, it is impossible to run businesses without hiring any cloud service provider and availing their cloud-based services. Thus, the cloud has invariably immersed so much into our systems that sensitive user information and other such data that is stored over cloud data centers are at risk. But the matter of fact is that cloud services offer such a wide range of advantages that it becomes almost impossible to do without it. Cloud security have become indispensable now and have integrated into the services of most offices, which benefits not only them but also the users.  

The storing of credit card information, data records, and other sensitive personal information in the cloud creates many security gaps that are targeted by the cyber hackers with malicious intent, which results in data thefts and data breaches. CloudCodes CASB comes into the picture here, and it can help enterprises with their PCI compliance. The solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of the official centers so that the security measures have complied. With cloud run operations a must for most firms, CloudCodes comes to their rescue by providing that extra security layer and thus protecting them from possible data breaches and thefts.  

CloudCodes CASB solution includes a plethora of security protocols like restrictions and policies imposed on the users, thus ensuring that the cloud security measures are strictly in place as per the PCI requirements and their data remains safe. 

Why Choose CloudCodes? 

CloudCodes is the leading cloud security provider that works as a security-bridge between the cloud service providers and the SMBs using cloud-based technology, by creating value for its own software designs enabling the SMBs to ensure data safety, confidentiality of data, restriction of any data breach, prevention of data theft/leak, whereby, having absolute control over their cloud-based processes in concordance with the regulatory laws and compliance protocols like HIPAA, etc., laid by the world authorities. 

CloudCodes have been providing the CASB solution to more than 300+ organizations across the world. This includes customers from manufacturing, broking, bank, retail, logistics, health and education domains.