While Evaluating CASB Solution Enterprises Must Consider CloudCodes — A Next-Gen CASB Solution Provider

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  • August 9th, 2021

Due to the ease of doing business with cloud computing, more and more organizations are inclining to go on-board with CASB solution-seeking that much-needed thrust in their operations in terms of scalability, flexibility, and reliability. However, there are indeed some constraints with cloud security as it is not foolproof until you put your focus on this aspect of migration to the Cloud.

Benefits of CloudCodes CASB Solution

The enterprises must be cautious about maintaining the confidentiality and security of the Cloud. Thus, enterprises search for apt Cloud Access Security Brokers for the overall management of their security. For this purpose, many firms are acknowledging the need for cloud security solutions owing to their advantages. Taking into notice this fact that all sensitive data confidential information gets saved on cloud-based SaaS applications, having cloud-based Cloud Access Security Broker solutions well in place does make much sense.

Compare CASB Solution

As there are plenty of players in the race of CASB vendors too, unlike any other vendor, you need to practice extreme caution while selecting the best Cloud Access Security Broker solution to best suit your needs. While finding cloud-based CASB providers, some CASB vendors are a natural choice, owing to their work maturity and adoption of innovative technology. Market leaders are always considered first for all these good reasons. Though many vendors are providing mature Cloud Access Security Broker solutions in the cloud space, yet some of them are still lacking in certain aspects as per cloud security perspectives. While you evaluate CASB vendors, you will find many of them might integrate their solutions with market leaders, but this can also mean that customers will have to purchase multiple solutions. It is where CloudCodes comes off as an apt choice as its CABS solution offers various solutions like SSO, IAM, DLP, Shadow IT, etc. through one integrated console. CloudCodes works closely with its clients to customize its solutions as per their security needs; you can compare CASB vendors here.

While users compare vendors, it is found that there are some useful features, which are present in some solutions, but missing in others. So, to find the best-suited solution, it is essential to see which features are needed as per your organizational cloud setup and which CASB solution has them all. CloudCodes is, fortunately, covering a large number of such features, so for most organizations, CloudCodes solutions serve their purpose well.

Organizations seeking CASB solutions must consider taking a free demo of the CloudCodes solution. It will help in making the appropriate selection based on all the parameters. CloudCodes provides a more extensive feature palette along with a whole lot of benefits coming out of the box, which is needed by organizations to attain all-around cloud security.

The Four Pillars of a CASB

The leading analyst firm Gartner has categorized various functionalities of CASB into 4 pillars i.e. Visibility, Compliance, Data Security, and Threat Protection.


From an IT perspective, one of the most important aspects of cloud service usage is who is using the cloud service and what way it’s being used. Most of the cloud services providers are lacking capabilities in the area of audit or logging. They provide very limited support. CASBs overcome this limitation by bringing data points about Shadow IT. It is able to determine unusual access of un-sanctioned applications within the organization and raise appropriate alerts. It is also possible to determine abnormal behavior of access to sanctioned apps.


A CASB overcomes the issue with data residency by encryption of data at rest. This provides protection to data stored on the cloud against a data breach. It also provides control to ensure data stored outside the organization meets all compliance as per the regulatory requirements. CASBs provide out of box visibility for various compliance such as PHI, PCI, PII, HIPAA etc-etc. It also ensures organization’s Cloud DLP is monitored on shared data items.

Data Security

A CASB provides out-of-box capabilities to monitor access to data stored on the cloud. It can provide access control on various parameters such as location, IP address, browser, operating system, and device.

Threat Protection

A CASB provides various alerts to inform the IT about threats that are detected within the organization users based on the user’s behavior.

How does a CASB work?

CASBs may run on-premises or in the cloud. Sensibly, CASBs sit between the end client and the cloud, however, truly a CASB must be situated in one of two spots: in a corporate server farm or in the cloud itself. That implies you have a decision between utilizing a cloud get to security dealer as help or facilitating one on a physical or virtual machine. The SaaS alternative is simpler to oversee and is the more famous choice, as per Gartner, however in specific ventures you may need to utilize an on-premises framework for consistent reasons.

Reverse proxy: It can manage the user’s device without any configuration or certificate, however, it cannot handle unsanctioned cloud apps.

Forward proxy: It helps in guiding all the managed traffic to unauthorized cloud apps but cannot monitor the apps on user-owned devices.

API mode: It allows enterprises to perform various activities such as log telemetry, policy visibility and control, and data security inspection.

CloudCodes CASB Solution – Customer Experiences

  • “Turning to cloud turned out as a beneficial deal in the very first place for our firm, but as time passed, our IT team recognized the gaps created in the work-system owing to cloud working environment; as the office network, architecture was seeming to be inadequate for cloud data protection, allowing easy access to users on any devices. The security control was not very capable to provide that needed data security, specifically in areas where data was being accessed from various unmanaged devices. CloudCodes Cloud Access Security Broker solution really empowered our IT team to have a far better security handle as while working with sensitive information.” CEO of a Healthcare firm.
  • “Cloud working environment was appearing to be quite useful during the initial run, but as days passed; we came to notice some gaps in the system as they were being seen in company’s cloud operations; in terms of enterprise data security with this cloud-based network architecture. CloudCodes Cloud Access Security Broker solution helps us in achieving better cloud security while executing various operations that involve confidential data.” CEO of a Telecom Giant.