Things to Consider before Cloud Migration

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • February 25th, 2020

The Need for Cloud Migration

Organizations these days are feeling the need to switch their critical application on a modernized platform. This process of placing cloud applications on a much-secured platform is called Cloud Migration.

Cloud migration offers a vast number of advantages like reduced cost, ease in use, flexible subscription, automatic software updates, better security, and much more. As the benefits provided by cloud migration are numerous; hence, the majority of the enterprises have found ease in migrating to the cloud platform.

As per the reports in Forbes, by the end of 2020, 83% of the companies will migrate their applications on the cloud. Though migrating to the cloud platform seem easy and flexible; however, organizations have to be extremely cautious about positioning their applications on the cloud.


Factors to Consider when Migrating to Cloud


Migration Architecture

The first step before migrating to the cloud is building a robust migration architecture. A systematic migration architecture is responsible for defining cloud requirements, planning resources, and designing strategies for cloud data transfer. As cloud migration involves detailed technical planning and structured designing, hence the entire responsibility lies in the hands of the migration architect to make critical decisions to ensure a successful cloud migration process.

Cloud Platform Assessment

Enterprises find it extremely challenging to choose a cloud platform to migrate their critical applications. Optimizing the applications on a cloud platform purely depends on the APIs and technology used while developing the software. Before opting for a single cloud platform or a multi-cloud platform, organizations have to thoroughly assess the pre-requisites of their business and the technology used in their applications.

Total Cost

Deciding on an affordable budget for cloud migrations becomes a crucial task for every company. Enterprises need to estimate the total cost of the resources and also be well informed about the pricing module of cloud platforms. Companies have to evaluate their infrastructure and internal resources before investing in cloud migration. There are various cloud tools and third-party applications which can help grow your business and increase your productivity.

Cloud Provider

Before investing in cloud migration, it is highly essential to choose the right cloud provider. The companies should analyze and scrutinize the cloud provider based on technology, compatibility, international standards, and governing policies. An apt provider can efficiently work with your applications and offer 24/7 support to your company.


Data is the most crucial and confidential element of any company. Every company seeks to ensure the safety and protection of its confidential information stored in devices. Organizations must thoroughly scrutinize the security policies and regulations of the cloud provider before deploying the applications on their platform. According to survey reports, more than 60% of the companies are concerned about the security measures followed by the cloud providers.

Key Things to Note

As you decide on new infrastructure, companies must consider all the significant factors while migrating their applications to the cloud platform. A Cloud Security provider should offer high security measures to ensure the protection and safety of your company’s confidential data. Cloud migration is a crucial procedure, but with the right steps followed by your cloud provider, switching to a cloud platform can be a simplified process.