A Technical Guide on Implementation of Cloud Storage Security Measures in Firms

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • January 23rd, 2019

Cloud Storage Security Measures

Today’s era is changing day-by-day with innovation in technologies in different arenas. One such technology is cloud computing that offers broad range of benefits to end users, including the feature to scale up and down rapidly for fulfilling demands. However, few organizations – specifically highly-regulated companies like financial firms – have slowed down the cloud use. It is so because they have major concerns about cloud security. In this post, we are going to share views of online business customers regarding cloud storage security measures, and also suggest them proper solution to achieve data protection easily in their premises.

What Are the Consumers Opinion Regarding Cloud Storage Security Measures?

Its the beginning of change where IaaS platforms like Microsoft and Amazon are exploring their information center footprints to several location. It allows data of regulated companies to store content location. At the same interval, cloud storage security measures and controls are helping organizations who take benefit of online software as a service app like Salesforce. These applications are expected to boost up the efficiency and provide a systematic collaboration management system. In cloud computing, online platforms are considered more secure in comparison with IT traditional storage solutions. But, people assume that the same web technology comprises of bundle of challenges within it.

So for these kinds of users, we want to raise a question – Does there exist any of the technologies in digitization world, which have no risk within it or don’t require security? The answer to this question is going to be No, for sure. Then, why are we avoiding the use of cloud storage just because of its security challenges? Running away from an issue is not at all a problem solution. There are different solutions to overcome cloud computing security challenges. According to us, customers should question How they can stay secure from Cyberthreats while gaining maximum advantage from cloud? Before the implementation of off-premises solutions, organizations and technical leaders have to understand cloud security risk. It is essential to consider the total increase in Cyberattacks where cloud is a major target for internet criminals who are looking to breach data or infiltrate machines. At an infrastructure level, cloud has been proven to be the excellent virus transmitter. If in case one instance has a virus on it, it propagates rapidly because of the method these platforms are scaling up and down. During the same time duration, a misconfiguration in settings of cloud security can lead to big issues. Individuals can configure their predefined settings in an incorrect manner or, might be unable to patch an OS making it vulnerable.

Additional Information – Cloud-based applications can complicate the operations when users desperately desire efficiency. Such kind of situation occurs when organizations make use of Shadow IT to offer work flexibility to their employees.

Experts’ Tips to Enforce Cloud Storage Security Measures in Businesses

It is a daunting situation to secure online content and this is the reason due to which security experts recommend the use of the step-by-step approach. Jayme Metcalfe, the director, cyber risk services at Deloitte, UK, said that ‘One should deeply analyze risk management’. For example – What is your proposed use case of web services? An end-to-end understanding should be there, prior to the enforcement of cloud storage security measures and controls. Usually what happens is that organizations fall down in end-to-end understanding. They desire to shift their work on cloud but, they ignore the practice to understand business risk.

When used in a constructive manner, cloud data security could be business enabler. Here the challenge is that how company moves to cloud with balance in the opportunity of flexibility and price with the device’s risk, which is giving away. Own set of security posture should be defined and periodically reviewed by organization’s higher authority. One should learn that the important thing is to assess your cloud security challenges and have a complete understanding of where your content is stored.

Point to Remember – It is essential to understand all IT assets. If companies don’t know what they have got, how could they be able to secure them.

Another cloud data security solution forces enterprises to adopt data visibility solutions. It is core to be known with what data companies have and what is to be protected. A data inventory solution is required, which is commonly not ‘nice to have’ but, important. Data evaluation and monitoring system is important to have in a business.

Use CASB Solution for High-tech Cloud Storage Security Measures

A cloud access security broker software, which sits in between the cloud service provider and consumer, should be used in premises. It is a comprehensive solution, which comprises of all approaches needed to secure online stored content. CASB is a service provided by a third-party company whose mission and vision is only to protect crucial data (stored on cloud) of their customers. N number of companies are there who offers security-as-a-service, and one of the best CASB vendors is CloudCodes. The respective vendor enables customers to use cloud technology in proper manner without worrying about cloud security aspect. It takes the complete responsibility of protecting its clients data, and timely suggest them with improvements in working pattern to strengthen existing security level.