IaaS Security For IT Enterprises – CloudCodes Security Solution

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • October 26th, 2020

IT companies are shifting their work from the local server to IaaS because of its speed and working flexibility. But, they forgot that it is compulsory for them to draw their attention towards data visibility and security of IaaS. The single cloud computing security measure is not enough to render comprehensive IaaS security. Cloud Computing business users need to adopt cloud security providers who are constantly focusing on their business content and prevent it from Cyber threats. In this blog, we are going to make readers familiar with one of the trusted solutions for IaaS Security.

CloudCodes Security Solution

The team always think holistically for data visibility and dealing from IaaS security issues in cloud computing. From day one, CloudCodes is committed to working with its clients trust and as a long-term partner throughout the journey. Comprehensive IaaS protection platform is offered by this solution with a unified online security assessment system and information monitoring capabilities. No kind of magic tricks or ideas are there that is adopted by CloudCodes, it is all about the defense-in-depth strategy. In the upcoming section, one is going to find basic requirements for strategy of IaaS security and illustrate that how this recommended solution fits into that respective strategy.

List of IaaS Security Requirements

  • Sanctioned and Unsanctioned Visibility & Auditing – Lots of activity are taking place inside the IaaS infrastructure, out of which majority are the one which is unknown to enterprises. Lack of data visibility and access control can lead to exposure of company’s sensitive content or data breach. This means that it is essential to know attributes like “what”, “by whom”, “when”, and “from which device” for each activity. At CloudCodes, we are utilizing enhanced capabilities for rendering clients a descriptive log and deep visibility in IaaS app. This IaaS security is available for sanctioned as well as unsanctioned IaaS.
  • Adaptive Access Control – Enterprises need to ensure that who all are accessing their resources in the environment. This will let them know that what employees are doing with industry documents, reducing the chance of data disclosing. Several vendors are there who acquire a binary approach to data access controls but, forget the larger picture. The CloudCodes IaaS security offers contextual granularity, permitting businesses to exhibit adaptive access control over wide range of IaaS environment.
  • Cloud Data Protection – With the survey of data breach incidents in the year 2017, it is concluded that now there is nothing important rather than a robust solution for IaaS security. Does it require source code, or development of documents to be stored on particular S3 resources? CloudCodes DLP platform scans documents, which are saved in IaaS to determine the sensitive data with less false positives and negatives.
  • Threat & Malware Protection – The usage of cloud computing platform like S3 for storing and propagating recent attacks like Ransomware is common among all. This demands a strong malware detection system that discovers new trending Cyber threats in an imperative manner. CloudCodes threat protection uses several techniques for rendering this type of detection system. It includes no cloud sandboxing limit, anomaly detection, advanced heuristics, and threat intelligence.

A unified online security assessment system is a means to enforce best cloud security practices for determining misconfigurations. Customers can utilize CloudCodes solution when they decide to collaborate their work with cloud security and real-time visibility. It will deliver comprehensive IaaS security for public cloud.

Observational Verdict

After going through this post, if you find the approach reliable for your business IaaS then, without going for a second thought, take trial of this solution. Only when you are satisfied with the demo then only, integrate with this IaaS security approach. This creates an imperative environment in which tools for continuous security monitoring are placed in their right place, for its proper utilization.