Understanding Cloud Security Gateway (CSG)

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 18th, 2020

Cloud Security Gateway Introduction

Cloud Security Gateway provides the required visibility to the cloud data that is required for cloud-centric security. This gives a better sense of control for the IT team for the protection of sensitive data. Cloud Security Gateway uses techniques like data loss prevention, access control, and more. The benefit of availing cloud services is the reduction of workload and the increase in flexibility over the conventional methods. In general, organizations face several challenges when they adopt data security measures like compliance, policy management, and privacy standards. The data that is moved to the cloud has to be protected and this is precisely the reason why enterprises opt for the best cloud security gateway for their sensitive data in the cloud. The application of Cloud Security Gateway to the cloud service gives the administrators the required freedom to utilize the services without being unduly worried about the risks. The cloud data security technology maximizes activity monitoring without affecting the availed functionalities.

Cloud Security Gateways and Their Chief Requirements

Whenever an enterprise adopts Cloud Security Gateway, there are certain requirements that have to be checked to get fool-proof cloud security, as follows:

First Is the Compliance Need

Work in an enterprise requires that employees constantly upload confidential and regulated files in the cloud. Prior to the introduction of cloud services, enterprises depended on on-premise DLP solutions for data protection. The threats also used to be different like email leakage, and copying of data on USBs. With the introduction of cloud services, the requirement for an efficient Cloud Security Gateway is felt where it is possible to restrict uploading or sharing of confidential files without prior notice to the organization. Cloud Security Gateway reports suspicious incidents and remediates workflow that ensures control over the cloud services. The highly sensitive regulated data that includes PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, PII, and IP can be prevented from getting into the wrong hands.

Next Is Visibility

Cloud adoption is increasing by leaps and bounds, and enterprises are on the outlook for practices, wherein, they can block any unauthorized access towards their sensitive company’s data and information. When an enterprise tries to block any cloud service, then its employees search for other alternatives, which may, in turn, exaggerate cloud security challenges. Shadow IT is rampant now in all enterprises with the rise of the BYOD concept. Even though there is considerable visibility in sanctioned or permitted cloud services, its deficiency arises due to employees actively seeking their own cloud solution. To get rid of the Shadow IT challenges, enterprises opt for CSG cloud service, which helps them to achieve visibility to both sanctioned and unsanctioned usage of the cloud.

Then There Is the Requirement for Threat Protection

Threat protection is one of the essential capabilities of Cloud Security Gateway. This helps enterprises in securing their data that falls outside the protection solutions of conventional enterprise scope like the IPS (Intrusion Prevention Solutions) and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems. Compromised accounts also cause severe security failures. CSG cloud services even analyze user behavior on cross-cloud so that suspicious activity is identified and reported. Both internal, as well as external threats, are encountered in cloud technology and it is the work of Cloud Security Gateway to provide a solution for identifying malicious threats. A baseline for each of the behavior models for employees is created and any activity that violates it is flagged in the threat form.

Security of Cloud Data Is Also Mandatory

During the course of cloud migration, there is ample opportunity for the employees to acquire access to data from off-network environments and unmanaged devices. When CSG cloud service solutions are deployed, there is a restriction on data usage.

Cloud security threats cannot be ignored. The best cloud security measures have to be adopted on time. Once the data lands on the wrong hands, it is tough to contain the damage caused by them. Cloud Security Gateway CSG i.e. the Cloud Access Security Broker or CASB solution is the answer to the cloud security woes of the enterprise. The Sooner the enterprise’s act, the better.