Time for Shadow IT Discovery – Check Whether Your Data Is Safe

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • May 14th, 2021

Using a multitude of unapproved 3rd-party software and applications by the employees of most of the companies today in this BYOD-driven era is the order of the day, which is giving rise to Shadow IT that is in rampant use; and if this is kept unattended, it may lead to several data leakage risks by getting the organizations’ sensitive information pieces into wrong hands. In light of this, it is needless to mention that Shadow IT discovery is the need of the hour for most enterprises today.

Shadow IT Discovery – Security Is at Stake!

With cloud adoption, entrepreneurs may feel to be on cloud 9, but what is marring this excitement is the rise in data loss/breach cases. Many 3rd-party applications that the uninformed employees of organizations use are unapproved and they are the main culprits of creating this Shadow IT havoc among the firms today, which is amplifying the chances of business loss for many firms in this competitive world.

Addressing the Shadow IT Challenge

Complete blockage of 3rd party apps in the offices doesn’t seem to be a very feasible and workable solution as the flexibility of employees is must for their work productivity. So, the best option that rests with most firms today for Shadow IT security is to use these applications, but with proper monitoring as well as control, which can be brought about by a CASB solution that provides Shadow IT security! After Shadow IT discovery in your firm, opt for a trusted CASB solution for Shadow IT security like the one that CloudCodes provides. Here are some of the features of a prominent Shadow IT security solution like the one provided by CloudCodes for solving the Shadow IT nuisance in any enterprise:

  1. A Shadow IT security solution will tracks as well as block any/all of the unsanctioned 3rd-party applications in real-time
  2. A CASB solution will block the features like download/print/transfer of any of the confidential organizational documents
  3. A CASB solution for Shadow IT will identify any/all unauthorized access to such doubtful applications
  4. A Shadow IT security solution will generate the reports of any/all user activities, and send alerts to the IT team(s) of any potential risks thus felt
  5. A Shadow IT solution will define the policies for any/all sanctioned applications
  6. A CASB solution for Shadow IT will whitelist and/or blacklist any/all URLs’ formatting
  7. A Shadow IT security solution will monitor/inspect any/all user activities done over the organization’s cloud network


Your data is highly important; you obviously, as a company owner, would not want something as silly as wrong apps’ downloads to mar your business; so do your bit to protect it! All it takes is a little effort from your side by investing a little in the much worthy CloudCodes CASB solution for Shadow IT security! There are many available names out there; search for the best one!