Third-Party Application Security Risks in Enterprise – Let’s See How CASB Solution can Help?

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • December 13th, 2020

Enterprise Security at Stake with Third-Party Application Security Risks

With the rise in the number of companies adapting to Cloud technology, the newer aspects of what may be termed as potential cloud security threats are coming to light with each passing day. The stormy third-party application security risks are hitting the Cloud like anything, creating a menace-like situation that is instigating fear amongst the organizations and even to small SMBs regarding the possibility of data breaches or data thefts, and mounting the fear of business loss eventually in this competitive global environment.

Third-Party Application Security Risks – How CASB Can Help

The concern discussed here is about the troublesome Third-Party Application security risks. Many organizations and software development companies too got this beautiful insight about how to manage this potential threat to Cloud Security, and how the implementation of Cloud Access Security Broker benefitted organizations of any possible data leaks. The CASB solutions thus implemented are able to block all third-party application security issues from carrying their usual shadowy business of gaining access to confidential data without coming to the forefront of IT admin staff of organizations while working on Cloud applications, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

CloudCodes CASB Solution

It is surely not a wise practice to completely block access to all of these third-party apps, because their use, in a way, increases work productivity. So, CloudCodes thus gives the organizations the capability to use these apps, at the same time, monitoring and controlling them and also blocking any high-risk third-party applications with unnecessary/irrelevant permissions that are required for installation. This in turn helps in reducing the risks of phishing attacks considerably. With CloudCodes CASB solution onboard, the risk of third-party applications causing any damage or breach to any confidential data can be easily minimized as they have very resourceful shadow operations that track down and bring to the surface even the unsanctioned third-party applications that are apparently running behind the scenes and conniving with organizational data against user intentions.

Shadow IT Overshadowing the Harm Caused due to Anomalous Downloads

Malign motives, malpractices, malicious intent are sure to cause harm to any firm; but what if the harm is happening devoid of any of these. It happens when organizational users unknowingly download some apps without knowing the fact that they might be coming along with harmful malware and thus damage the organization’s data structure, opening loops for malware to enter into the system; which when left unattended, can cause serious data leaks and data loss. Shadow IT is the agent/agentless solution assessing/reporting any potential IT risks by monitoring, blocking, and generating reports about the use of sanctioned/unsanctioned apps within the enterprise. With CloudCodes Shadow IT solution, the following are the features that can be availed:

  • Helps to block and track downloads/uploads on any unsanctioned apps in real-time
  • Block USB access
  • Block the ability to print documents
  • Ability to define sanctioned apps (apps that are allowed by the organization)
  • Ability to Whitelist/Blacklist URLs
  • Monitor user activities on various cloud apps
  • Audit user activities on the internet
  • Identify users access to unauthorized apps
  • IT department alerted of any potential risks

Secure Your Data Kingdom

Usually, in most of the cloud-based organizations, employees have access to multiple cloud apps and services, and most of these have been authorized by their IT, but access is restricted to some cloud services, which we know that users still use those unauthorized/unsanctioned apps out of ignorance about any inevitable damages that can occur. Definitely, most of such users don’t have any such malicious intent, but such unauthorized cloud apps are certainly not enterprise-ready, posing a major threat to critical organizational data. Even though it is quite possible for the IT to block all these services completely, but it mars the productivity too because anyway, such flexibility increases work productivity; so, it is imperative to strike a balance and find some middle way so that users avail the benefits of such apps & services, and at the same time, any negative impact to enterprise data security & compliance is averted. CloudCodes Shadow IT solution provides this balance between users’ needs and enterprise requirements for ensuring security as well as compliance.