Is Cloud Computing Secure? Can People Trust Over It For Their Work? Let’s See

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • April 7th, 2021

Is Cloud Computing Secure

Is cloud computing secure? – In today’s date as well, many people in different corners of the world raise this sort of question. They come in a big confused state when they are asked to shift their work online. Cloud computing technology is still misunderstood by the majority of the crowd including professional as well as normal users. To clear doubts of such people and motivate them to work online, we are going to suggest some tips through which users can overcome cloud computing security challenges and their fear to work while working online.

Overview: Is cloud computing secure?

Most computer users do not know the exact measures to protect their online data. They make online data accessible to everyone without analyzing whether all individuals are trustworthy or not. Yes, indeed, Cyber Security is not at all an easy task but, it is not impossible too. It demands technical inputs to ensure that the data locations are never the same. The ‘data moving’ factor makes the nature of the cloud unpredictable as well as insecure.

Is cloud computing secure if you as well as your company depend on the cloud for the storage of business records? Let us have a look at the answer to this question by reading out some of the measures to overcome Cyber Security Challenges.

Tips to Reduce Cloud Data Security Risks

  1. Limit the Privileges to Access Data – One of the best measures to ensure cloud computing security is to reduce the data access rights based on the user’s context. For employees who are in the industry for a long time should be granted all data access permissions. This is recommended because this network in a company can be assumed to be trustworthy. All employees who access a company’s information should also be connected with the business network. For any official who wishes to use confidential business records outside the business, premises should be commanded to fulfill some extra conditions to ensure that cloud data security is boosted.
  2. Adopt 24*7 Data Monitoring System – When it is about data access permissions, there should always be different privilege stages. Employees with the highest privilege level should be at the top of the list of training and scrutiny. This can ensure that the data is being accessed by an authentic individual and is in a safe hand. Even for the safe side, we would suggest businesses adopt an automated data monitoring system on their premises. This system will display that what activities are carried away with business confidential information, who are currently using business files, for what purpose, at what time, and other factors. It acts as a surveillance system over industrial data, which is stored on the cloud.
  3. Use Risk Level In Form of Yardstick – When it is about proper cloud computing security, it is essential to prioritize different data sets. It is not compulsory that all your business record files should be uploaded on cloud storage. Businesses can keep less accessed and secretive documents on their local PC itself in a hard drive enabled with an encryption key. Extra surveillance, encryption, and monitoring procedure are required to keep this sort of data secured on the cloud. Therefore, if it is not essential, avoid uploading of main confidential documents on the cloud storage and let employees complete their work with the provided common resources only. But, in case any official requests to access those secretive files, ask him or her to access them under the supervision of a trustworthy person of the company.
  4. Add Intelligence in Network Security – This trick for cloud computing security recommends companies consolidate intelligence into the network security system. There is no doubt in the fact that the office network is a crucial part of the cloud. This means that an equal level of protection is required in the network as well as the cloud. The network protection solutions, which are most effective in modern days consolidate intelligence. Companies need to devote their time to collecting an accurate amount of information and, using it to the secure network. The use of an intelligence-based solution mechanism ensures that the network devices are effective when it is about security and functionality.


Why cloud computing is considered only as a place where intruders can benefit themselves through attacks or data breaches? Why people do not want to see and accept their positive sides as well? Yes, it is indeed quite risky to work online but, only and only in case, human beings are working carelessly. It is not the cloud platform that is responsible for threat; in the majority of cases, the human activities performed online are the result of cloud computing threats.