Crucial Tips to Upgrade Enterprise Cloud Data Security In Your Office Premises

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • April 4th, 2021

By enforcing the crucial enterprise cloud data security tips listed in the post, business users will be able to prevent information from the breach from occurring in the first place. It also helps in the betterment of protecting the company’s data, if they are one of the unfortunate victims affected.

Loss of confidential information and data breaches are the biggest attack that companies face recently – and no company is immune. It is because of the core PII (Personal identifiable information) of employees and customers, which most of the organizations hold. IoT (Internet of Things) devices compound this issue because they become completely ingrained in company activities, putting cloud users at a higher risk. It is becoming more and more difficult to navigate the concerns of Cybersecurity and entirely ignore data leakage. There are effective and efficient measures, which can contribute to minimizing their likelihood. Nevertheless, one can implement the crucial steps listed in this post to enhance the enterprise cloud data security level.

Top 3 Points For Enterprise Cloud Data Security

  1. Motivate the Cybersecurity Team Buy-in – The initial stage in the journey of Cybersecurity is to originate a workplace, which gives importance to the customer’s and employees’ data privacy. The motive should be to empower a complete workforce to participate actively in the process. All officials should be put forward to speak up if they make out something that can be perceived as a protection threat. This could be something less – like printing of a customer’s credit card details for an invoice bill to a public printer. Also, this can be something more significant like addressing a malicious email or an unusual notification for updating a particular product app. In addition to this, the Cybersecurity team should have a path to share internal observations and address them on a timely basis. Introduction to an incentive app for employees who identify significant vulnerabilities could grow involvement in the app. Weekly awareness sessions to employees will help participants to understand enterprise cloud data security measures in a better way. Through this, one can mitigate the number of ‘false positives.
  2. Never Ever Ignore the Applications Updates – The data breach incident of Equifax could be traced to the company’s failure to download a patch. It is precisely why updates are not a joke when it is regarding enterprise cloud data security. When a company’s product warns employees to update it with a new app, ensure that you don’t ignore it. Despite being such a casual reason for preventing data leakages, end-users still ignore updates because of the following common reasons:
    • Sometimes people imagine that updates are automated but, in actual they aren’t. Despite being alerted and knowing that the app update will not develop an incompatibility in other products, computer users might avoid the update simply. They do the same because they assume that it has been already applied. Train the employees in a way that they periodically check app updates and don’t ignore them at any cost.
    • The alerts for updates might be sent to the wrong individual, whether it be a former worker, third-party contractor, or a team member who doesn’t realize his or her responsibility towards enterprise cloud data security. Ensure that the office has a PC in place to ensure alerts for patches and updates move to the exact recipients. Whenever a teammate leaves the company or shifts to a new branch of the firm, immediately update the settings of notifications accordingly. Consider the sending of crucial app update alerts to several users. This helps individuals in understanding their particular set of roles in the procedure.
  3. Achieve 24*7 Cloud Information Encryption – The act of encoding information for making it non-understandable for anybody except the one who owns the encryption key is known as encryption. It is true that the encryption procedure does not keep information safe from data breaches and threats but, it converts data in an unreadable format, making it useless for hackers. In addition to this, some data encryption forms prevent the act of information manipulation. It is a rarer, more malicious kind of data breach in which the aim is to manipulate information as fought for financial gaining. Popular firms like Yahoo, Equifax, and Uber, get failed in deploying encryption approaches, which would have secured their stolen information from being getting misused by hackers. The decision of keeping the data unencrypted is quite risky because peripheral security products like intrusion protection machines and firewalls are constantly being bypassed by attackers and do not secure the data on their own. The outcomes of this respective scenario are that the companies incurred huge fines and also, lead to a decrease in market reputation.

Last Few Suggestion Statements

Even if you automate enterprise cloud data security then also, you have to follow these three measures! An automated CASB solution is only successful when end-users employ the points listed in this post. These tips of Cybersecurity should be in habit of an individual in a way that he or she never ever forgets them in his or her entire life.