Be Prepared With The Cloud Computing Security Challenges in Coming Years

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • March 18th, 2021

With an increase in the maturity level of business cloud strategies, IT teams will confront a new set of cloud computing security challenges in coming years. This will range from cost governance to the management of the complex and heterogeneous infrastructure. For years, aspects like cloud compliance and security measures have presented a risk to IT teams. But with the growth in the adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid platforms, a new complexity wave is defined to attack the business. Today on this CloudCodes official page, readers are going to learn prominent Cyber security challenges. The solution to overcome these challenges should be prepared by administrators to experience smooth work on the cloud.

Top 3 Cloud Computing Security Challenges

  1. Use of Data Integration Software – The efforts of data consolidation often get pushed aside. But in reality, many companies still do not know the effective method to shift their data from massive or on-premises databases like Oracle, in the cloud. Also, they are not known with N accurate method to share on-premises databases information with cloud-native databases like Amazon Redshift.
    To identify these cloud computing security challenges, businesses will increasingly adopt the data consolidation software from several vendors. IT teams will have to map out the answer to the following questions in an attentive manner:

    • Which sets of data they wish to sync across on-premise and cloud platforms? and
    • How often that procedure should work?

    Do not underestimate the demanded cost and efforts of data consolidation initiatives.

  2. Cost Management and Governance – One of the common reasons due to which enterprises shift their work on cloud is cost reduction. This means that companies owner moves all the on-premises workloads on a cloud platform. Sometimes shifting of workloads (that extends the storage limit) results in increase of cloud bill in comparison to the actual estimations. Usually it happens because online clients overlook the aspects like storage cost, networking, and data transfer. For customers who make use of serverless environments, programs overrun can also rapidly increase the overall finance. In addition to this, multi-cloud deployments, where businesses use a mixture of public cloud platforms, lead to more complex situations for teams to optimize and track costs.
    Under this cloud computing security challenges, several companies will opt for cost governance and management products like VMware CloudHealth. The purpose of this is to track spending, monitor usage, and allocate prices. Some products also offer suggestions on how to mitigate costs like tapping into a vendor discount or resizing instances via options like Google committed use discount and AWS reserved instances. Microsoft Azure, Google, and Amazon Web Services offer their own native cost management products along with the pricing calculators. This helps in estimating future spending in a more better and smart manner.
  3. Increase In the Work Complexity – With the adoption of cloud platform – and particularly the multi-cloud and hybrid models (that does not mean traditional), on-premises machines will soon be removed in the coming months. Due to this, the data, IT processes, and apps management will become more complex than before. In some situations, this cloud computing security challenges may even impact the ability of IT staff to give their best in the jobs.
    Complexity has always been considered as part of the IT industry, but it is approaching a tipping point. The heterogeneous infrastructures that bridge several on-premise and cloud platforms introduce the management risks. This kind of scenario sometimes result in sudden errors that cause data breaches, outages, and a control loss over the service delivery to users and businesses. Well, the companies have to create procedures and invest in technology, which can bring stability back to the IT and also locate that volatility and complexity into the configurable domain. Products and resources, which can prove themselves helpful comprise of the following things:

    • Cloud Management Platforms – These types of utilities can centralize the online resource management as well as monitoring, specifically for the multi-cloud and hybrid deployments.
    • Cloud Service Vendors – A cloud vendor serves as a mediator between the client and cloud service vendor. It helps in ensuring that customer’s destinations are fulfilled.

Observational Verdict

The top 3 cloud computing security challenges are listed in this post, whose occurrence chances are high in the current year. Enterprises have to be safe from their end and try to use zero-trust security model in their premises. It is better to secure cloud data strongly, before the occurrence of any dangerous threat.