Emerging Cloud Security Lessons for Hybrid Cloud Environment

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • June 29th, 2018

Hybrid Cloud Environment - Cloud Security Lessons

Enterprises and Their Saga of Hybrid Cloud

When it comes to security, it is never too late to learn. The rampant security breaches happening over the hybrid cloud environment is a lesson for all the enterprises to take their security concerns seriously. As the hybrid cloud infrastructure is maturing, so are the collective lessons learnt from its implementation.

New Concerns Regarding Hybrid Cloud Environment

The security risks and incidents happening in the hybrid cloud age can be attributed to the good old-fashioned people, who are not so concerned with the impending dangers of data breaches taking place every day. The lack of human oversight and intervention are the prime reasons for breaches to take place and some uninformed enterprises stand still at the leak of sensitive data inadvertently. The lack of clarity in the policy designing on what data has to go to the cloud services and what are the restrictions and access control that has to be delegated leads to data breaches taking place in the enterprise. Without proper policies of approved and validated services, the employees will not understand which data is confidential and which are the approved and allowed data access parameters, which will ultimately result in a breach. The people, who are responsible for protecting the data, have to be trained first so that no oversight or negligence happens on their part due to human behavior. As we all know, Shadow IT is used to refer to that apps and services that are downloaded or used without the approval of the IT department in an enterprise. But it also shows the lack of policies and processes necessary by the enterprise to limit the employees from making such mistakes. Hence, Shadow IT can be said as a failure of the organization to delegate security responsibilities to their IT staff and failure to provide adequate training to its employees regarding the services they are going to consume and the services they are not.

Old Conventional Security Methods Still in Use Even in the Hybrid Cloud Age

Hybrid cloud infrastructure is necessary in today’s world for operational efficiency and agility. But, enterprises still are dependent on the old outdated tools and prefer separate isolated security solutions for each section of the data environment. Enterprises should be aware that transition to a hybrid cloud environment will need investment in configurations and solutions that are exclusively suited for it. The enterprises need to manage new data security challenges in hybrid cloud across multiple environments. They need to have modern and automated security processes that help them to minimize the human errors. When automation and orchestration come in, the human element goes out; thus, reducing the tendency of data breaches. All the important steps needed to accomplish the security protocols are automatically set when the correct policies are employed. Take for example, the safety of data in public cloud storage. This task is usually forgotten by the agencies or companies resulting in the fundamental human mistake. This can be automated into obsolescence so that there is no potential risk of data loss due to human error.

Enterprises Can Use CASB Solutions for Their Hybrid Cloud Environment

The enterprises are moving from the single homogeneous infrastructure to a more open private or public cloud. The cloud offers the benefits of scalability, agility, mobility, and cost-effectiveness when compared to the on-premises data center environments. But, it also means that the threat surface gets disturbed. Hence, organizations need to take stock of all the environments they are running in and have a full inventory of the places where protection is needed. This helps to build a culture of security across the whole enterprise and puts an emphasis on the data protection. Responsibilities definitely need to be shared and every environment needs at least one security expert. CASB solutions can be availed to ensure cloud security cover over the data saved in hybrid cloud environment. CloudCodes is a well-known name in this domain; their CASB solutions are best-in-class. Though successful deployment of CloudCodes CASB solution, you can add that required security cover over your hybrid cloud data and get adequate cloud data security, first-hand.