Hackers Steal Data To Harm Large Organizations From All Around the Globe

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • March 13th, 2021

The trending scary consequences of data breach incidents do not seem to end soon. Cybercrimes are getting more sophisticated with the passing of days, and individuals caught during the crosshairs are bearing huge financial and social repercussions after the threat occurrence. However, recent cloud computing security threats significantly increase the stakes for all involved parties that comprise popular names in the business world. Today’s blog post aware readers of, how hackers steal data from big organizations & why enterprises should opt for the CASB solution provided by CloudCodes to overcome all cloud security challenges and give a tough competition to attackers.

Hackers Steal Data From Some Of The Biggest Companies In The World

The data server, which hosts several high-profile organizations, is majorly on the target of hackers to steal data and benefit themselves. The hackers steal data and try to attempt a ruthless information breach, which in turn luckily gives the chance to acquire profit from the threat. After attempting a data breach, hackers expose the stolen records publicly and demand a high ransom in exchange to delete the files. Worse yet, company authorities still are not entirely sure who their hackers are – because they can be internal or external. With the increase in the frequency of Cybercrimes and ransomware threats, securing business records on the cloud storage platform has never been essential. As this crooks group is displaying, though, bad people are refining their tricks too.

Which Organizations Are Highly Affected?

Recently, internet attackers struck a German-based hosting company named Citycomp, whose customers involved a number of crucial industries like Hugo Boss, Oracle, Volkswagen, and Toshiba. Hackers steal data that comprises several financial and personal details within it along with German offices of these organizations more affected particularly. Recently, the attackers are hosting the stolen records on the public networks from where internet users can download and use them in whatever way or for whatever purpose they wish. As part of their clever mind strategy, the hackers are keeping the data for ransom, and demand a payment to permanently delete data from the hosted website.

What Citycomp Did to Respond to The Threat?

Citycomp openly rejected the hackers’ demand and, is waiting for the results of the forensic investigation team, which is working on the case. Currently, authorities are not able to give an exact answer when they are asked about the actual attackers’ identity. But, they notice some sort of similarity between the occurred incident and the latest ransomware campaign, which struck elsewhere. The email addresses on the website of hackers match the email id from at least one old addressed scheme of ransomware. Keeping major Cybersecurity aspects in mind, this sort of scenario is making some sense. It is so because several professional attackers are repeat offenders – who employ the same approaches of harassment and boldness in their exploits.

Both Citycomp and authorities aren’t prioritizing any letdown at the moment where the hacker’s website hosts the stolen data of the company. Well, this clearly states that an individual can visit the website, read the database thoroughly, analyze it in deep, and share it if they wish.

If the investigation says that there is someone involved from the company itself in the threat, authorities should immediately alter the personal usernames and passwords without any delay. Even though the victims’ majority in the Citycompany company is from Germany itself still, it is the duty of the sufferer to adopt basic cloud computing security tips. Proceeding forward, attackers will continue to enhance their tactics with an increase in the maturity level of performing their threats. They try their best to implement whatever they can do and usually, they don’t have the attitude of giving up. Therefore, Citycomp is refusing hackers the environment to extort its firm, which will expectantly define a precedent, which deters future hackers from ransomware tricks. Giving tough competition to hackers seems like an uphill fight, but they are not the only ones who are enhancing themselves regularly at their jobs.

At The End of The Day, Prevention is Better Than Cure

Why allow hackers to attempt the threats and arise the curious need for Cybersecurity solutions only after the threat occurrence? It is possible to adopt a strong CASB solution to overcome all cloud computing security challenges and hence, give tough competition to hackers. Enterprises can opt for the solution provided by CloudCodes to outsource the burden of securing online data. Rest, we strongly recommend end-users not wait for threat occurrence! If you are known with an effective and efficient solution like CloudCodes, quickly opt for it to protect business cloud data.