Why CASB Security is Required to Protect Data in the Cloud

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 14th, 2021

Given the enterprise necessity associated with Cloud, each firm jumped on the bandwagon and adopting cloud services as its data system necessity. But they were in for some rude shocks as they started realizing the pitfalls of adopting cloud. Their productivity increased manifolds, but the sensitive data and personal information of organizations were put at risk and could be accessed by any unauthorized individual or entity. Breaches became word of mouth, and organizations were at crossroads as they could not do without clouds since it could seriously hamper their productivity. In this blog, we are going to learn why your organization needs CASB solutions to protect data in the cloud.

Need for Cloud Security to Protect Data in the Cloud

When the enterprise data is on the cloud, the network resources are often over-burdened with requests from various groups within the enterprise. Hence, it becomes all the more necessary that stringent and robust cloud security protocols are in place. Many-a-times, a department needs the same set of data elements to work on the cloud security protocol, which ensures data security and provides smooth, scalable, and leak-free operations. Many such criteria are to be met by the enterprises while working on cloud security. If not adequately addressed, then there is an increased risk of data breaches with the potential risk of confidential data getting into the wrong hands of the perpetrator. Thus, meeting the cloud security challenges is the need of the hour. 

CASB for Your Enterprise Data Security

The problem with cloud security was with design and implementation. With the advent of newly-used API-driven web-based cloud services, work productivity had shot up. The work culture has advanced by leaps and bounds, but the security tools were designed for some different time-zone and needed severe updating and changes. Today, when organizations think about cloud security, they need to consider factors like visibility, data governance, information safety, and threat protection for building resilient and agile security as well as protect their workforce. Cloud security solution has come in the form of Cloud Access Security Brokers was what the organizations needed. 

Thus it gained momentum and caught the attention of security architects all over the world. CASB acted as that perfect security system that secured personal and confidential data for organizations just the way security guard and security equipment would ensure our house or office premises. CASB vendors work like security guards for our crucial data, enacting like a gatekeeper of that sensitive cloud information, ensuring complete enterprise security. 

CloudCodes’ CASB Solution To Protect Data in the Cloud

CASB solution from CloudCodes has gained much reputation. It provides cutting-edge technology and a robust cloud security system that is designed in such a way that enterprises run their operations smoothly with unbound access to the cloud network resources without any hint of security risk to their business transactions. CASB from CloudCodes is the missing link between cloud security protocols and enterprises.  

Real-time threat identification, tracking of unauthorized access and data threats, efficient alerting, reporting, and blocking of unusual activity by triggering cloud security protocols are some of the hallmark features of CloudCodes CASB solution. They help in reducing the occurrence of data security threats by gaining absolute control over cloud network resource visibility. They also safeguard the network resources from outside threats as well as Shadow IT by structured, well-defined user access policies and protocols like tokenization, authorization, credential mapping, Single Sign-On (SSO)Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and so on.