Get To Know About Endpoint Security Risks Related To Blockchain

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • February 9th, 2021

Endpoint Security Risks Related to Blockchain

The blog is going to familiarize today’s business world with endpoint security risks, which occurred due to the emergence of new technology i.e., Blockchain. If you are one of the individuals who is planning to work with blockchain, firstly read this post carefully. This will prepare your mindset for all the cloud computing security challenges that arise due to blockchain architecture.

What Are the Challenges With New Blockchain Technology?

Everyone knows that the digitization world is already curious in an extreme manner regarding blockchain technology. Although this technology is for the benefit of cloud users, like cloud computing technology, it also has some cons. The main vulnerable part of the blockchain structure is human interaction with machines. End users add up new data into the blockchain from their own devices, which are connected to the network endpoints. Here, security holders have to keep one thing in mind that Endpoint security is the key to blockchain. It bears the traditional IT challenges associated with data hacking and access mismanagement.

‘A blockchain technology is a digital machine, which is transparent, immutable, and demands for none of the cloud security applications to control it.’

The digital platform has the capability of tracking assets ownership and maintaining records during the online transaction. Being a blockchain customer, one has to learn the legislative consequences and endpoint security risks associated with this technology. There are chances that the problem revolves around private law, public law, regulatory and financial law, and criminal law. In the upcoming section, we are going to list down the endpoint security challenges, which are associated with blockchain technology.

Endpoint Security Risks Due to Blockchain

It is important to have a combination of software, strategies, automated products, and skilled executives for monitoring the entire system of the attack chain. This helps in addressing today’s challenges and hence, automates as much of the procedure as possible to protect online resources with high-level security. However, the selection of these solutions demands a deeper understanding of the complete attack chain and the way cybercriminals work.

  • Image of Blockchain in Marketplace – performed research in which it is being found that till the year 2020, organizations related with blockchain can originate total revenue of up to $6 billion. Obviously, it is a piece of extremely amazing news but, remember that this earning can be useless if endpoint security loopholes are not addressed timely in this technology. One can consider this aspect as one of the major endpoint security risks while working with blockchain.
  • Endpoint Network Security Challenges – Distributed ledger technology (or DLT) security vulnerability grows outside the blockchain architecture. This vulnerability shows a great impact of blockchain technology, which made it important to detect threats before their occurrence. Endpoints are the platforms where human beings interact with the blockchain. Several times these spaces comprise mining systems and other PCs, which end users utilize to access services of blockchain.
  • Public and Private Encryption Keys – To use blockchain without endpoint security risks, companies have to make use of public and private keys. These keys should be the combination of special characters and numbers, which cannot be guessed by anybody. Only with the right set of keys, one can get entry into the blockchain associated machines or data. If attackers learn the correct key of the blockchain system, they can utilize it to acquire access to data and take ownership of present content. Here come the major endpoint security risks because users either save security keys carelessly or share them with the second person. This habit leads to the hacking of security passwords and hence, loss of crucial business data.

Is There Any Solution to Overcome Endpoint Security Risks?

Yes, of course, we have solutions to overcome the endpoint security challenges that are linked with blockchain technology. Effective endpoint network protection approaches have to be enforced to prevent attackers from stealing blockchain keys. Following listed are some measures to do the same:

  • Never save the blockchain keys in computer files likes Notepad file, Word document, in sticky notes, etc. If in case you desire to save keys on a device, ensure that you enforce a reputable encryption app.
  • Eliminate the practice of saving draft emails and sharing emails, which have keys in their message body. If you desire to share keys via email, it is strongly advised to make use of the email feature appended with the blockchain wallet.
  • On both Windows and Android devices, install an antivirus application. Also, regularly keep it updated with its latest edition.
  • Perform regular anti-malware scanning operation.

Hire A CASB Software to Automate Security

It is possible to automate the cloud protection solutions for eliminating endpoint security risks. For this, enterprises have to begin the use of CASB products, which are available easily on the web market. Since there are millions of vendors who provide cloud security-as-a-service therefore, here the biggest challenge is to select a suitable CASB solution. To help online users with the same, we are suggesting CloudCodes CASB software, which is a comprehensive solution that has all endpoint security solutions already embedded within it. Data monitoring, access controls, time restrictions, geolocation restrictions, and more standard solutions are present in this product to safeguard online content from any kind of cybercrime or data breach incidents.