Fix All Endpoint Security Problems With CloudCodes Expertise Ideas

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • January 11th, 2021

Endpoint data protection renders a security layer for all devices, which resides outside the firewall. In business premises, endpoints might be the weakest part of overall network security. IT staff are given the task of assuring dozens of device’s security, which comprises laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronic gadgets that establish a network connection. Here comes this CloudCodes official post that describes the endpoint security problems, which are commonly faced by cloud users. Also, we have mentioned the ideas to fix the same sort of issues that are recommended by our team of cloud security experts.

First of All, Let’s Learn About Endpoint Security

Before learning the endpoint security challenges and their solution, it is first important to be known with ‘What is Endpoint Security in cloud computing?’ The term is dependent on the arena where an individual works, and here we are going to give a definition for enterprise IT team. An endpoint means any component that establishes a connection with an external firewall network. One can observe that there might be a rapid increase in the use of endpoint components on their premises. It is happening because it enables the business employees to work offsite, and makes use of the firm network to complete the assigned task.

Talking about endpoint security then, it is a process of rendering security to all those networking elements whose purpose is to protect organizational data outside. It is considered a core part of overall cloud data security in an enterprise because keeping sensitive data secure on public cloud is too risky. Well, the common examples of endpoint elements used in the workplace are:

  • Tablets and smartphones
  • Laptops and Computers
  • Point-of-scale devices
  • Routers and WiFi
  • IoT devices

Time to Read 5 Endpoint Security Problems With Solutions

Below highlighted are the description of 5 major problems faced by online users when they enforce endpoint security. The solution to each problem is described along with the problem description. So, let’s begin!

  • Keeping Apps Up-to-date – This is one of the biggest endpoint security problems with on-premises protection approaches. Regular updation of software makes it difficult for enterprise officials to balance the maintenance of endpoint security apps and their work. To fix this problem, one can adopt CloudCodes endpoint security management solution to gain an automatic update of apps. This does not demand the involvement of any human and whenever an update comes, the solution downloads and configures new directory files in the respective software.
  • Consolidating Security Apps – There are several organizations that invest their financial costing in different endpoint protection products like SIEM, analytics, network protection, and threat intelligence. The spending and using different products for different purposes cause complexity because solutions do not work in a collaborative manner. Therefore, it is better to make use of consolidated endpoint security applications, which comprise of different functionalities within it. CloudCodes provides one such integrated product that can be used to deal with endpoint security problems.
  • Slowing Endpoints Performance – Of course, every organization desire to keep their customers happy, either an aspect of personal data security or business services. But, the traditional antivirus programs operating in the background and inhibiting the overall business productivity result in unhappy customers. It is so because these antivirus scanning programs demand lots of local processing capability and hard drive scanning, which leads to a drain in endpoint performance. CloudCodes solution offloads the complicated operations, enabling users to work with unlimited storage and processing ability to perform heavy lifting. This automated solution does not impact the overall performance and hence, eliminating the chances of slowing down the endpoint performance.
  • Protecting Remote Workers – Nowadays the majority of organizations are having remote workers. However, traditional security software was not developed to protect endpoint external the business network. It could be a problematic situation where enterprises prefer using a traditional endpoint security solution. One might end up with inconsistent setups or dealing with thousands of endpoints, which are outdated and unable to update policies in remote devices. CloudCodes eliminates this endpoint security problem by consistently protecting each employee’s endpoint device. It secures devices without worrying whether the endpoint is within the premises or outside.
  • Determine Endpoint Problems – The proverb ‘you cannot fix what you cannot see’ suits here. Lots of operations are carried away by endpoints – around an individual endpoint generates 10K and 40K single events on regular basis. The information generated by the traditional solution helps in determining malicious activity but, cannot generate the power to gather the data, analyze it, and immediately fix it. Also, it is not possible for business employees to awake all the time and continuously look at whether malicious activity occurs or not, after all, they are human beings. Giving a call to CloudCodes solution enables business officials to achieve automatic solutions for endpoint security. It not only provides protection but, also offers a detection system consolidated within it. This system detects the malicious activity, analyze it, and automatically execute fixing instructions defined by the administrator.

Solve Endpoint Security Problems With Automated Approach

It is a challenge for an enterprise to deal with endpoint security challenges because they are still using traditional software. They need to open up their minds and accept the fact that in today’s date it is impossible to achieve endpoint security without automated solutions. It is so because day-by-day the cyberattacks are getting advance and traditional software is not designed in a way that they can deal with these trending cyber threats. Therefore, fix all the endpoint security problems by using CloudCodes endpoint security management automated solution. This solution is adopted by several organizations worldwide, and now it’s your turn to give it at least one chance.