The Dire Need of DLP as a Service

Debasish Pramanik Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • May 13th, 2021

Almost all types of organizations, big and small need the protection of their IP (intellectual property), and this is where lies the catch where DLP as a Service helps these firms to safeguard their critical data. Also, as more and more organizations switch over to cloud networking, data security becomes their prime concern. Organizations need to be watchful about their intellectual property and if they want to keep their data safe and secure, then solutions in the form of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is what they need to opt for.

What Is DLP as a Service?

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software module is that technology that monitors and protects the data. The DLP module identifies all types of data whether they are in use, in motion across the network or at rest on various storage devices namely mobiles, desktops, or laptops. It is true that most of the enterprises already have installed security software systems that detect and filter out the suspicious incoming content. They also prevent unauthorized entry attempts of malicious virus and malware. But, most of them remain unsuccessful in addressing the data breach occurrences. This challenge can be addressed by Data Loss Prevention techniques wherein the risks associated with loss of intellectual property and compliance obligation violation is resolved.

Integration of DLP as a Service

The DLP solution acts as a savior and helps in protecting the sensitive data from getting leaked or misused. It analyzes the transactions through deep content inspection and acts as the perfect data security policy enforcer thus successfully preventing unauthorized transmission of sensitive information. Better data security is possible when enterprises include DLP as a part of their broader security architecture.

Reasons Why Businesses Need Data Loss Prevention Solutions

As mentioned above, data security is the prime reason why enterprises are looking into DLP solutions.

  • Protection of Property: Enterprises need to protect data from misuse. The data may be in the form of-
  • Regulation Compliance: With stricter regulations in place, enterprises have to comply with the data security rules or pay hefty fines. The companies have to adhere to international security standards like HIPAA, PCI Data Security Standard, GDPR, etc.

Benefits of DLP Solutions

Once the enterprises decide on the right DLP service, it benefits them in umpteen ways-

  • Compliance needs are met
  • Legal issues are addressed
  • Security breaches are controlled
  • IT challenges are executed
  • Customer trust increases

Almost all types of businesses today must choose the best-suitable organizational investment (s) so that they can effectively manage their data and information risks. If security issues are to be addressed effectively, enterprises have to go in for the best DLP solution like the CloudCodes DLP. Organizations can avail of Cloud DLP as a Service, Endpoint DLP as a Service, Network DLP as a Service, and many more DLP services from CloudCodes. CloudCodes offers a complete DLP solution for enterprises to safeguard their data.