CloudCodes Anti-Phishing Protection Solutions for Enterprise Security!

Debasish Pramanik Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • July 13th, 2021

How to prevent any business/enterprise from an unanticipated anti-phishing scam? If you want to protect end users, and your network, from cyberattacks, start with the implementation of robust anti-phishing protection solutions. 

It must be a very crucial question both for startups as well as for established businesses. Hackers are always preying upon data exposed via spoofing, opened emails, unsecured websites, etc., and they never fail to make attempts to fetch your sensitive data and information. In enterprises, employees contain credentials, which are the gateways to access their accounts as well as business documents and any confidential and protected data. 

Here, the critical thing is how to tackle hackers’ tactics in phishing attacks to strengthen a company’s security policy in a cloud-based network. One can invest in resources to impart training on various ill-intended strategies of hackers and also inculcate awareness about phishing attacks. Every individual of the organization needs to be extra cautious for handling or perceiving such evil intents since the enterprise security is not a limited

CloudCodes CASB Solution For Anti-Phishing Protection

A CASB solution provides additional capabilities to the administrator configuration and authentication. An authentication reports and blocks any brute force approach from the restricted area. Enterprises must focus and adapt to new technologies to counteract any such malicious attacks by the hackers and prepare themselves well in advance. CloudCodes Next-Gen CASB solution or Cloud Access Security Broker solution to strengthen the Enterprise security is a one-stop-shop to address any such needs related to cloud security for enterprises. Their primary focus is on achieving a unique solution that would outsmart the leading players of hacking and run them down with their innovative thinking and expertise. 

CloudCodes for Business is the most reliable and advanced solution for enterprise security over the cloud network to eliminate the possibilities of phishing attacks through anti-phishing protocols by carefully deploying stringent Access Control policies. It is how you can entirely rely on CloudCodes for security, control, and management of biggest threats or malware attacks with its amazing features. CloudCodes CASB solution helps organizations to protect their confidential and private data by SaaS applications such as G Suite, Office 365, Dropbox, Salesforce, JIRA, etc.

CloudCodes Features

Let us discover how CloudCodes come out as a quick solution for all queries of phishing threats.

  • Accessing Enterprise Data Securely CloudCodes for Business emphasizes on accessing enterprise data in a secured manner by adapting to achieve methodologies to ensure all entry points to the system are well guarded against any possible attacks
  • Restriction to Location CloudCodes CASB solution’s out-of-box support restricts user access through the login page itself based on user location, by figuring out the country and IP address upon entry with IP Restriction feature. The administrator can use either blacklist or whitelist the geo-location from where the requests for data access are most likely to come.
  • IP Restriction A policy for restricting user access can also be implemented to either allow or block explicitly by defining the IP restriction policy for guarding the organization’s cloud access.
  • Multiple Check-Points An enterprise can opt to impose various restrictions simultaneously to include Browser restriction policy, time restriction, IP restriction, and geo-location restriction based on the threat perception and amplitude of the threat.