Access Control Solution Through Time Restriction and Browser Restriction

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • July 23rd, 2021

Work flexibility, cost-effective operations, simple manageability, and scalable options do hold importance in any working system controlled by cloud services. However, still, data security remains the prima facie of any such new-born technology being seeped into the corporate systems today. Enterprise cloud security is a significant thing of concern during the cloud adoption of organizations. Cloud-based Access Control solution is a great way to ensure complete security control, which works as the principal security handle of organizations that impose some useful restriction policies. CloudCodes CASB solution with Access Control feature is enabling enterprises to cap end-user access to data for tapping data transactions safely for the best interest of their businesses.

What Is Access Control in Cloud Security?

Access Control in cloud computing is a system with which a company can regulate and monitor permissions, or access to their business data by formulating various policies suited by the company. Access control systems in cloud security helps companies gain macro-level visibility into their data and user behavior, which a cloud app may not be able to offer, given their on-demand services and mobility.

Today, data is the most valuable asset of a company, safeguarding it is the next thing to do! Cloud Access Control gives companies the control to restrict unauthorized user access and, at the same time, give enough access for smooth functioning at work.

CloudCodes Access Control in cloud security lets companies formulate policies to restrict access through specific IP addresses, browsers, devices, and during specified time shifts. Here’s an in-depth view of our Access Control in cloud computing solution.

Access Control Solution for Enterprise Cloud Security

For such universal data access that cloud provides, it has now become very crucial for firms to have real-time data surveillance as well as user behaviors for their ultra-sensitive corporate data! With cloud operations gaining ground, firms are searching for ways for granular control over their data and users for protecting any unauthorized access to critical data, thus ensuring its confidentiality at any level of work. Applications using cloud services do have some built-in access control security solutions, but those are not enough to check breaches of confidential information. This brings Cloud Access Security Brokers into picture.

Importance of Access Control Solution for Data Security

The question what is the importance of access control for cloud computing. In CASB solutions, access control solutions come as data identification, data authorization, authentication of data, pre-defined access parameters, and audit etc. Also, with BYOD (bring-your-own-device) ruling the work on cloud-based systems, it becomes imperative for firms to have access control as a part of their data security solution.

CloudCodes Access Control

CloudCodes is one of the leading CASB providers. Their innovative Access Control module is highly capable of eradicating any coercive threats through predefined data access rules in different segments of organizations and at their various levels. Thus, this helps in bridging the gaps in leak-proof manners between enterprises and cloud apps. Access Control solution helps to check users’ data access for avoiding any unexpected data breaches, which otherwise can incur significant losses to those firms. The answer is enabling many corporate houses to impose some restriction policies to ensure absolute enterprise cloud security by providing complete data control and visibility into the use of that data, within and outside of the office, thereby controlling data access to the fullest. CloudCodes integrates many solutions enabling granular control and data visibility, ensuring work transparency on cloud-based systems. Access Control policies help organizations in gaining total enterprise cloud security. Access Control solution of CloudCodes helps in imposing policies like time restriction, browser restriction, etc. for ensuring data access to be done through only authorized users, both inside and outside of the enterprise.

Time Restriction

With time restriction policy, it is possible to restrict users/users’ subset to access Google apps over some specific days or during some particular time of any day.

Browser Restriction

With browser restriction policy, it is possible to restrict users to use just one single browser for securer and more efficient management of data by imposing such restriction policies.