The Importance of Access Control in Enterprise Cloud Security

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 20th, 2021

The Shift in Cloud Computing

Previously companies followed a different method to monitor the access of their devices, but after the adoption of cloud technology, companies have now started to monitor and control their devices using cloud systems. Whether it is updating your professional or financial information about the company, every sensitive information gets recorded and stored on the cloud. With this shift, there’s a need for an access control layer in the cloud. The question is what is the importance of access control for cloud security?

As the information on the cloud is subjected to constant updates, it is highly prone to risks and the data is also vulnerable. A mere Firewall will not serve the purpose of securing the cloud, instead, companies have to ensure that the access to the information on the cloud is not just secured but also restricted in specific ways.

Importance of Access Control System For Cloud Security

The biggest reason for enterprises to move to cloud services is the easy access to data from any corner of the globe, increasing the ease of work, and hence enhancing productivity. But this again becomes its nemesis given that any hacker can gain easy access to the enterprise data from any part of the world or even an insider could easily steal the company’s sensitive, proprietary data.

Cloud applications like G SuiteOffice 365Dropbox, etc., have their own in-built cloud access control security solutions, but that isn’t sufficient for enterprises dealing with say health or finance-related confidential data. Such enterprises look for solutions that can help them gain granular level control over how their data is being accessed or used by the users, which is efficiently provided by Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB).

In a CASB, cloud access control methods come in the form of identification, authorization, authentication, access approval, and audit, and with BYOD (bring-your-own-device) ruling the roost, and your data and apps on the cloud, it becomes pertinent that access control policy is a must in your armamentarium of data security solutions. Cloud-based Access control is one of the most important features of a CASB that strengthen data security over cloud-based applications.

5 Reasons Why Companies Need Access Control:

  • Flexibility: In a dynamic business culture, advanced access control techniques are highly recommended to monitor and safeguard sensitive data across different devices. As most of the employees use their devices beyond the office premises hence access control with the cloud is not just safe to protect the data but allows secure flexibility to the employees.
  • Restrictions: Effective CASB solution is a complete suite of access control models providing features like user restriction, IP restriction, time restriction, session timeout, browser restriction, device restriction, etc., to deal with such issues efficiently and leave no scope for unauthorized access.
  • Professional Management: The enterprises have the option of including access control security through a CASB provider. Either way, this works out well for the enterprise, since it eliminates the hassles of appointing dedicated administrators on-premises to handle data security and access control systems.
  • Synchronized Data: Cloud Access systems can save information under one umbrella. The report will then be categorized depending on the access given to different users. This process will not just reduce the chaos among users but will also help in reducing risks and challenges towards sensitive data.
  • Reports: Attempts to access data are reported to the IT staff for keeping a check on any malicious attempts for better access control.
  • Scalability: The significant advantage of Access Control in CASB is that it can be customized to suit enterprise requirements. Later on, as per the advanced requirements, it can be scaled up to add extra layers of security.

Take Control with CloudCodes Access Control

CloudCodes is a leading CASB provider with its Advanced Access Control solution, it is capable of eliminating any sort of coercive threats by predefining the rules for access at various levels of the enterprise and bridging the gap in a leak-proof manner between the enterprise and the cloud apps being used. Its complex algorithms ensure that the cloud-based security system is leak-proof to any sort of data breach of confidentiality, and data transmission occurs in the safest possible environment. These are some reasons which tell you the importance of access control in cloud computing.