How Does a CASB Solution Safeguard Salesforce Data?

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • March 7th, 2018

Salesforce Data

Salesforce usually abbreviated to SF is actually an America-based cloud-computing organization that has its headquarters in San Francisco in the state of California. Though the major revenue of this firm is coming from CRM i.e. customer-relationship-management product, but Salesforce is also selling some of the commercial social networking applications through internal development and acquisition. This blog will detail about the way CASB solutions safeguard Salesforce Data.

What Is Salesforce Data?

Let us understand what comes under Salesforce Data. is actually the sales & lead generation component of Salesforce Sales cloud CRM platform. Its cloud-based product has been enabling automatic acquisition as well as management of these customer-relationship-management records.

What Is the Work in Salesforce?

The specific platform that is actually a Salesforce product would target employees’ engagement in mainly 3 areas: one is alignment of the teams & alignment of personal team goals with comprehensive business goals, second is the motivation provided through public recognition and third is the real-time feedback of employee performance. Thus, all-in-all, employees of the organization using Salesforce get encouraged towards meeting their work goals through a particular system, which mainly emphasizes on work recognition as well as performance rewards.

How Is a CASB Solution Helpful Safeguarding Salesforce Data?

All business houses and corporate entities, even big corporations as well use Salesforce alike and Salesforce ecosystem provides their teams with an ultimate edge. However all customers’ data, files and other sensitive information; in short, the critical Salesforce Data concerning company deals as well as opportunities gets stored in this Salesforce data. On sharing this Salesforce data across the Salesforce ecosystem of its services, theft and leakage risks for this Salesforce data arises, happening due to inadvertent data sharing or due to privileged user data access abuse. A CASB solution protects this Salesforce data against such threats without even affecting the benefits and user experience availed in Salesforce ecosystem. CASB cloud security solutions help businesses to become all the more efficient as well as quite flexible while maintaining visibility as well as data security controls needed to protect this sensitive Salesforce data, to prevent the loss of Salesforce data, and also to ensure compliance with international regulations.

All Round Security for Salesforce Data

Access to organizational over independent different locations as well as multiple devices including even the personal devices of user is sometimes needed by the professionals in sales teams for more flexibility to ensure better work productivity, but this flexible data access approach can at times turn ugly when collided by unknown malign motives of some marketing employees with malicious intent and can also be highly taxing on that firm’s Salesforce data, whose security is compromised considerably when that data is accessed through personal devices, as usually done in Salesforce. This, in turn, augments data theft chances. Such type of situations can be well curtailed by using some effective CASB solution like the one provided by CloudCodes. CloudCodes CASB for Salesforce solution is widely used by many enterprises and they are foreseeing a securer edge to their work fronts through well-achieved cloud security. This CASB for Salesforce solution works like an added data security layer and an additional cloud security arm thus protecting as well as governing Salesforce data of organizations for their overall enterprise security. The solution helps prevent this data against any such unintended intrusions as well as any malicious attacks. Acting as a fine security bridge between Salesforce data and the corporate entities using Salesforce; this solution provides absolute security for CRM, thus working towards the improvement of work efficiency as well as work flexibility, whereby still maintaining data security at the same time for ensuring greater cloud visibility, providing real-time cloud security checks as well as granular control to prevent any such data breaches so as to augment enterprise security manifolds.