Access Control With IP Restriction Being The Mainstay

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • October 4th, 2020

What Is Access Control?

Access control is actually a type of security technique, which is used for regulating who is viewing particular resources or what resourced could be viewed and used in any computing environments. There are 2 major access control types: one is the physical access control and other is the logical access control. In the physical one, access is limited to certain premises or its vicinities. However, logical access control, on the other hand, limits the connections to various computer system networks, system files as well as data contained over cloud etc. Access control systems usually involve authorization-identification, access approvals, authentication, and accountability of various entities using login credentials like passwords, biometric scans etc. The Access Control with IP restriction feature of an eminent CASB solution is undoubtedly very helpful for many enterprises to secure their cloud data.

Why Is Access Control Important?

With the world going cloud at a greater speed, data access has become all the more flexible, putting critical information the risk of getting leaked, stolen and lost in the run. Data being exposed easily makes access control a very important aspect or say agenda of today’s corporate entities. To help ease the burden of data loss fear, cloud access security brokers enforce multiple access control modules providing features including IP restriction etc as a part of this access control module.

How Can Enterprises Restrict Access by Incorporating Access Control with IP Restriction Feature?

With cloud fever mounting high lately, much sooner did enterprises realize that the cloud-comfort-zone is the data-risk-zone as well! Not to give away the benefits of cloud, most of these firms are thinking beyond the thought of discontinuing their cloud operations. This brings CASB solutions into a wider picture, with many organizations benefitting from these solutions greatly enough. So, with cloud computing came this fashion to work from home and also to work from different geographical zones, so data access reaches multiple systems with different IP addresses, exposing organizational data way too much, and quite much into the unattended risk zones, even to people unknown and with malicious intents. Fear of data leakages and data thefts are here to stay, which can be well managed if enterprises use IP restriction mechanism as a part of their access control module.

What are the Benefits of Access Control with IP Restriction Feature?

Considering the issues detailed above, the role of a Cloud Access Security Broker is vital in providing the organizations a momentum gradually, making CASB solutions the very need of the hour! IP Restriction feature helps in ensuring better access control. Access Control with IP restriction feature of a potent CASB solution helps in keeping a check on user-level data access from different machines with different IP addresses so as to avoid any feared unexpected data breaches that can otherwise cause great loss to the firms.

Some Use cases of IP Restriction

  • Access Control with IP Restriction Feature of CloudCodes CASB Solution Helped a Logistics Firm Secure Its Data: The firm was looking to deploy a CASB solution having IP restriction feature as their perceived cloud security solution for their underlying problems. In search of it, they conducted multiple trials of CloudCodes CASB solution; wherein, the team ran them through multiple use cases for this IP Restriction feature. The logistics firm finally implemented it, thus adding the much-needed security layer over their cloud service suite without any such significant alteration in their already existing cloud infrastructure. Access Control with IP Restriction feature of CASB solution helped them protect their unauthorized data from being accessed by any employees or any unauthorized people outside the office networks or from any undefined IP addresses. They did this by pre-defining some of the IP addresses and real-time access monitoring.
  • A Firm in the Trading Sector Also Availed IP Restriction Benefits to Secure Their Cloud Data: A trading firm also deployed CloudCodes CASB solution with the main features including IP restriction and Personal Gmail Block. This provided the firm with real-time cloud protection ensuring far better security governance with use of only some pre-defined IP addresses to gain a better data security control through easy visibility into the use of data within the cloud. Thus, this finance firm leveraged better cloud agility in a much securer manner.