What’s New in Sealed Cloud Technology? Let’s Dig-into It Here Itself

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • January 12th, 2021

The technology of Sealed Cloud was originated by Uniscon. In this approach, administrators are restricted from data usage to reduce the attempts by hacker in breaking the cloud data security via compromised admin credentials. Through this post, we are going to aware our readers with a new term in the world of cloud computing security i.e., ‘Sealed Cloud’.

Sealed Cloud Technology? What is It?

TUV SUD – The German certification, auditing, and advisory organization, has set up a “Singapore Sealed Cloud’. It claims that enterprises will be benefited with a strong online data protection service. A company named as Uniscon, which had been acquired by TUV SUD in the year 2017, enables information to be transmitted and used in an encrypted manner on the web platform. It encrypts both contents as well as its metadata to provide protection at the time of data processing. Sealed cloud includes pure technical means in it to ensure:

  • Data transferring and processing in encrypted format
  • Content and metadata i.e., connection information, remains secured during the processing time

The director of digital services at TUV SUD, Andreas Hauser said that unlike the online services, the records held in the Singapore Sealed Cloud cannot be used by cloud service providers and administrators too. It simply means that when someone is having access to core apps or information, there is an access point utilized by administrators for data accessing in a typical manner. This online technology restricts administrators and service providers from processing data even if they desire to use them.

An Amazing Fact – It is bitter truth that none of the cloud systems or services are fully secured. So, even if this Singapore Sealed Cloud gets hacked, the attackers will only be able to gain access on one dataset, instead of its entire part. It happens because there is not even one single admin who is having privileges to use evedata set. The one data set that has been breached will be deleted in just a few seconds; creating its duplicate copy afterward.

What’s Unique in Sealed Cloud Security?

Following points will help you in determining the uniqueness of Sealed cloud security:

  • An individual will be able to access his or her own online data only.
  • Service vendors and administrative staff members are excluded from use.
  • Data is stored as well as stored confidentially in Sealed cloud technology.
  • All unencrypted data is deleted, before unauthorized access starts taking place
  • All the servers of cloud apps are electromechanically sealed racks.
  • The operating systems are hardened and blocks all the external uses.
  • The server dispose of the volatile memory only.

The Sealed cloud comprises of a technology named as Groundbreaking that indicates a quantum leap in online data protection. By default, it activates all the advantages of cloud computing like complete flexibility and scalability, without compromising any sort of data. These kinds of safeguard measures provide prevention against huge-scale data exfiltration tasks. Undoubtedly, one can say that the release of Singapore Sealed cloud is giving a tremendous rise in practices that concentrate only on Cybersecurity. Now there is clear focus from the end of government and also, different security standards are defined by them.

For The First Time Ever, There’s Something Excellent

It is being found by the cloud security experts worldwide that a security named as ‘data privacy combination’ ensure maximum protection level of enterprise vital data being processed. This is the first ever time where the core information in own data-centers are secured tightly due to the high maintenance costs.

  • Strong data analysis service compliant with data privacy laws
  • Infinite / endless services like CMW or ERP via SaaS
  • Integration and communication via SaaS
  • Sealed data processing through PaaS
  • Spy-proof personal data storage medium

In a competition conducted by the German BMWi (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy), it is being found that a team of Sealed Cloud beaten 116 contestants. As an outcome of this competition, the Government begins supporting further R&D on this technology to broadcast it in industries worldwide. The main objective of this entire scenario is only to benefit businesses with an online environment that is consolidated with public cloud advantages and security of enterprise-internal data center.

Sealed Cloud – Something New In Cybersecurity World

This new technology in the world of cloud data protection enables organizations to work without any risk of data breach incidences. It is quite useful in large organizations because it eliminates the chance of cyber attacks and, enables officials to focus more on their business growth. The best thing with Sealed Cloud technology is that it restricts administrators and CSPs to manage everything in business. This means that even if the account of an administrator gets hacked, no harm will be there to the entire business. And profile data will be instantly deleted, restoring its duplicate copy afterwards.