Google Apps Security – Protecting Google for Work Using CloudCodes

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • November 21st, 2017

All about Google for Work

Google for Work (formerly, Google Apps for Business) offered by the technology giant, Google, is a cloud computing productivity suite. The suite includes services like Gmail, Google Slides, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google+, Hangouts, and Google Apps Vault.

  • Google Drive: Here, you can create or upload various files and folders and can share and access them anytime from the internet on phone or PC. It is a very simple yet powerful example of cloud application
  • Gmail: Well, it does not need an introduction. You must be using this popular email service from Google.
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms: It facilitates you to create document files, spreadsheets, and presentations. All this is done online, with the auto-saving feature. It gives collaborative working where shared people can work simultaneously in real-time. You can give various rights to ‘view only’ or ‘edit only’ to shared person. It also provides unlimited revision history.
  • Google Sites: It empowers you to create and edit web pages. Anyone can do that right from scratch with zero knowledge of HTML or web design
  • Google Hangouts: Hangout is a cool and professional text, voice, and video chat tool. It allows you to connect with a group of people for conversation and online meetings. In the consumer version, up to 10 people and 15 people can join simultaneously.

All these make Google Apps for Work a great cloud-based tool to empower small and large businesses. The easy access to information, improved collaboration, more productive meetings and excellent price to feature ratio makes it a favorable option for various business entities. No doubt, cloud provides lots of benefits. It frees you from setting on-premise infrastructure. It also provides you global access, smart resource management, and cost saving. But, data hosting on cloud is not always the safest option. There are various risk factors and threats that you need to address. CloudCodes and Cloud Access Security Broker CASB are the two popular names in the field of security providing cloud security to various applications like Google for Work.

All about CloudCodes

CloudCodes is a cloud security company that gives security through gControl and SSO1 is a Single Sign on (SSO); they are two separate products.

Following Key benefits of gControl:

  • Fully Cloud based
  • No premise installation needed
  • Just need browser to implement all controls
  • Policy-based implementation of all the features
  • IP based restriction

Access Control

gControl gives IP-based restriction, based on perimeter to ensure that users can access their accounts only from predefined IP addresses. Thus, Google for Work account cannot be accessed from any location like home or airport. Similarly, gControl restricts device based accessing, making users access Google for Work account only from approved devices. Any such attempt of accessing from unauthorized devices or locations is reported to the admin. Through, gControl you can also apply time and browser-based restrictions

Dashboard and Reporting for Google Apps Security

This feature of SSO1 (gControl) gives all updates of the changes that happen within the Google Apps for work at one place on the dashboard. The dashboard gives information about the numbers of organizational units, domain users, policies and affected users. There is a Sync button to show the changes immediately. The interface is very user-friendly and easy to look up


SSO1 (gControl) sends emails to admin immediately, wherever policies are violated by any user or organizational unit. Admin can also check various reports like monthly report that can be downloaded in PDF format.

SSO1 (gControl) sends emails to admin immediately, wherever policies are violated by any user or organizational unit. Admin can also check various reports like monthly report that can be downloaded in PDF format.

Another trusted way to protect and control your cloud-based applications like Google for Work is by cloud access security broker (CASB). A CASB is a service that stands between the infrastructure of your organization and cloud provider. CASB works in a similar manner to provide various controls and securities. It reduces cloud application usage risks, helps to ensure compliance, provides visibility and shields from cloud malware and threats. It gives the ability to look into the usage of cloud applications like Google for Work on cloud platforms. Thus, it helps to find out any unsanctioned usage. It uses auto-discovery to search critical points like high-risk applications and high-risk users on cloud. A Cloud access security broker can implement various security access controls like encryption. It also provides device profiling to cut any unsanctioned accessing. It gives real-time threat information, whenever someone tries to share or upload an infected file on cloud platforms like Google for Work.