The Most Critical Period of Cybersecurity: Let’s Find It Out Here

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • April 13th, 2021

Critical Period of Cybersecurity

The aspect of cyber security is going through a critical period, where knowledge from cognitive and behavioral science benefits us with a springboard. This is done to enhance the underlying infrastructures and outcomes of cloud data security strategies via a more layered way. A critical period of cybersecurity is considered as the development phases where particular kinds of insights or data can be used to predict the future disproportionately. For example – Users go through a critical time duration when learning programming languages, and animals experience critical periods when they imprint on their parents. Cyber security is recently in the middle of the critical period, where we have an opportunity to enforce insights from cognitive and behavioral science for enhancing the underlying infrastructures and results of data security strategies.

Critical Period of Cybersecurity – Upcoming Time Isn’t Automated

It is a big fear in the hearts of humans that automated applications are arriving in the marketplace to replace human employment. People have started realizing the same fact because it is not the best use of human beings or systems. A current survey done by Accenture said that organizations, which have users and automated applications working together collaboratively, gain a better performance. Organizations that remove employees due to the arrival of automated systems only benefit for short-terms. The actual main power comes when industries tackle the strengths of each. The survey team represented 2 models for the collaboration purpose –

  1. Users supporting systems by training themselves, briefing themselves with their outcomes, and maintaining the entire system.
  2. Systems helping human beings by increasing the creativity level, communicating information, or acquiring the humans’ physical location in dangerous or exhaust positions.

For cloud data security companies, we observe and innovate a more consolidated approach that passes through this critical period. We encounter ever-evolving attacks, which demand adaptable products that cannot only react but, anticipate. Unfortunately, systems in today’s date are not good enough at dealing with new, unexpected, and unanticipated data security threats. We opt for an ambiguous field of unexpected tasks the “gray field”. This comprises of all types of humans, activities, and employees that do not fit into the model we have trained machines for recognizing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is specially meant for filling the gap with systems that could explore ambiguous operations but, we are not there yet. AI could work well in particular niches like autonomous vehicles, marketing, or healthcare, but it’s not always widely effective. None of the real cloud security AI technologies exists in today’s date. Cybersecurity approaches are somewhat similar to machine learning systems and demand a lot of support from the humans end too. An automated solution working without any human supervision will be short-term and less effective from the expectation levels.

Enforcing Cognitive Science to Machines

Well, human beings already have their own shortcomings like fatigue, bias, and limited processing strength, users are much better at recognizing the purpose of ambiguous operations. This aspect consumes time in emerging – infants and kids incrementally enhance their knowledge to make sense of their surroundings and spend several years in learning to cause through abstract ideas as adolescents. Machines can equally evolve or get mature based on a scientist’s knowledge. We can develop upon our particular understanding of how kids create the ability to differentiate between two similar things like horse and zebras. Or what permits us to quickly address that something in our arena is not at the place.

That’s All From Our End

While we were assisting readers about the critical period that comes during cyber security. The purpose is to develop the abilities that design machines so powerful that they can easily process huge quantities of data, huge memories, unlimited attention span and concentration, and fast performance speed. To overcome the critical period of cybersecurity, you can opt for the CloudCodes CASB solution. The solution comprises an integrated platform where humans can easily manage cloud data security without any complications or confusion. You can make your time simply by using this consolidated system.