How to Achieved Cloud Security with IP Restriction

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • November 4th, 2020

Detailing about IP Addresses

Each computer or device that is a part of the computer network is assigned a unique string of numerics that enables the computer and its attached devices to communicate securely. This assigned string of numerics is what is termed as an IP address or Internet Protocol address. The IP addresses help in locating the geographical area of the devices and even the host address to which they are connected. This is the chief function of the IP address serving the functions of networking protocols. In a TCP/IP network, this IP address is made of 32-bit combination of numbers and this helps in exact identification of the device that may be a personal laptop, computer, mobile, printer, tablet or even router. With cloud environments, data moves to multiple IP addresses; thus it becomes necessary for enterprises to achieve cloud security with IP restriction, which can be achieved with CASB solution.

The flexibility of Cloud Work Environments and Need for Cloud Security with IP Restriction

Cloud computing has invaded enterprises and why not? It offers a host of benefits with multiple cloud apps running simultaneously in multiple networks of devices and this has rendered mobility of the network resources even though the devices are located miles apart. This increased expanse of the network has highly benefitted the enterprises and their employees considerably. The productivity has increased due to flexibility and mobility and now it is possible to work in an all-time conducive environment of 24*7, 365 days a year. But keeping all the advantages on one side, one aspect which enterprises need to get their heads into is the security aspect. The organizations need to efficiently and effectively manage their multiple IP addresses over a wide range of sub-networks or a single large network. This has to be done so as to ensure that the confidential data does not get into wrong hands and severely hamper enterprise security.

Data Being Accessible from Multiple IP Addresses

The confidential data of the enterprises are placed miles apart in multiple IP addresses of the cloud servers and the protection of it is the prime concern of all. Though the use of cloud servers over multiple IP addresses has a host of benefits to employees and organizations, the fact cannot be negated that even the cybercriminals are constantly working their way out to get hold of all the possible vulnerable sensitive data of the enterprises. It may be this reason that there is a certain fear among organizations to embrace cloud technology. Some enterprises feel that data security is a burden when moving to cloud services and safeguarding their data will prove to be a costly affair. But the fact is that most of the data thefts are committed internally in an organization by its employees in connivance with the outsiders who lure them with financial gains to serve their own vested interests. In any event, enterprises must be ready with the appropriate data security measures.

CASB for Cloud Security with IP Restriction

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) is the answer that enterprises are seeking for their data security. CASB solution intermediates between cloud service providers and enterprises. They help in securing and protecting the data at all times. CASB solutions restrict unwanted activities, thus keeping the cloud environment clean and safe for their client-enterprises. Such solutions allow the implementation of policies that can be designed so as to exactly define and restrict the data flow across various network channels of a corporate network. CASB solutions with their four pillars of compliance, threat-protection, visibility, and cloud data security have really emerged as the forerunner solutions in providing security to cloud-based apps and as per Gartner predictions, 85% of the firms would be deploying them by the year 2020. CASB solutions help enterprises to define security policies with IP restrictions in giving access to data to various IP addresses of its employees.

CloudCodes CASB Solution for Cloud Security with IP Restriction Feature

How does the CloudCodes CASB solution for cloud security with IP Restriction work? This restricts one or some pre-defined multiple IP addresses to specific users. So, these users can only access the data from the specified IP addresses, and other addresses, which are not defined, cannot be accessed by them. Thus IP Restriction feature, which is present in the CloudCodes for Business Access control module, helps to prevent unwanted data breaches by keeping a check on the access from different IP addresses. By imposing cloud security with IP restriction policies using our CloudCodes CASB solutions, data security can be enhanced and visibility into the data can be improved for increased security governance.