Enhanced Google Drive Security With Cloud (Data Loss Prevention) Solutions

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 6th, 2021

Track/Block User Activity on Drive with DLP Solutions

With more and more organizations getting hooked on to the cloud working model, data security issues seem to haunt them more than ever. Enterprise security has been compromised to the maximum in the current year with many well-known high-profile firms, institutions, and government bodies being the target for accidental data security breaches, thus making them vulnerable to the hands of hackers. But instead of brooding over why it has happened, it is a wake-up call for global corporate entities to keep pace with their cloud security concerns. Cloud apps like Office 365, Dropbox, G Suite, or Zoho are adopted by firms and caused an increase in their work and business productivity. Team collaborations have improved due to data sharing features in cloud apps. But besides, what lies ahead is the data leak scenarios, and those must be addressed at first. Firms need to be cautious about their google drive security to curb data leak incidences.

Google Drive Security using DLP Solution

CloudCodes is our protective umbrella that protects your firm from the threats of dark clouds of data breaches. It constantly monitors the entire cloud data of your organization and enables you to comply with the rules and regulations and internal policies. Our solutions will help your firm to monitor and block upload or download when there is a perceived security threat. Also, you can use our solutions to block unauthorized attempts by imposing access restriction policies and other such security protocols. Our CASB solutions also provide Google Drive security and generate timely alerts and reports against any perceived threats or unauthorized access attempts.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The sheer amount of ever-increasing data volumes and its management (or rather mismanagement) may be one of the primary reasons for such data leaks through accidental disclosures. Adopting data security measures like the DLP solutions, which act as a security barrier, decreases the chances of data leaks. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions can be applied to both the data at rest and data in motion across the network through the company’s devices like laptops, mobiles, desktops, etc.

  • Those organizations, which aren’t sure about where their confidential data is getting transferred, stored, or accessed.
  • Organizations wanting to protect their data against external threats, unauthorized access, unwanted intrusions and to protect the accidental, unintentional, or intentional disclosure by users or firm partners
  • Firms that need to meet the regulatory compliance standards.
  • Firms are worried about data loss after recurrent data breaches.
  • Organizations need to protect proprietary data after data leaks in public or shared cloud services.

DLP Solutions Needs Pre-Planning

Data security plans are never an afterthought. The data security architecture needs to be meticulously planned before the data is migrated to cloud services. Cloud Access Security Brokers mainly design their CASB solutions for cloud security across multiple organizational segments. CloudCodes is a leading CASB solution provider.

We have designed a well-planned cloud-based DLP strategy in place for organizations struggling with their data security problems. With the implementation of our CASB solutions, organizations can look forward to ensuring the safety of their proprietary data, intellectual property as well as confidential information. CloudCodes DLP solutions prevent data exfiltration through careful monitoring and timely detection, raising alerts, and implementing cloud security protocols, thus preventing potential data breaches.

Our solutions help firms to examine the data movement and, in a case of a potential data breach scenario, block critical data in motion, at rest, or in use through actions across the network and devices. Deployment of our CloudCodes for a Business solution also checks employees from sending confidential data outside the premises.

CloudCodes DLP For Google Drive Security

Monitors data activity:

  • Continuous data scanning
  • Configures sharing policies
  • Follows compliance standards

Detects various threats like:

  • Unauthorized access
  • Policy violations
  • Access to blacklist URLs

Prevents Data Loss by blocking/tracking:

Alerts admin by:

  • Self-generating reports
  • Real-time violation reports
  • Enforcing session timeout policy

If organizations want security for google drive data then it becomes mandatory that they opt for DLP solutions, so that, the international compliance standards are met as well as they don’t lose their customer confidence over negligence in maintaining confidential data.