Why Do Enterprises Need a CASB for Office 365?

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • July 12th, 2021

Many firms commit to protecting data privacy. But, at the same time, they also embrace cloud-based services for delivering enhanced efficiency, more productivity, and better work outcomes. Office 365 has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most dominant cloud-based solutions used by many enterprises worldwide, leading the enterprise-run cloud service market. The cloud-service providers are taking their share of responsibility for platform-security; however, leave it to ensure that their employees are taking all the necessary precautions for preventing incidents related to any compliance issues or security problems. Corporate employees can avail the benefits of O365 applications, without compromising at all on data security for O365 using CASB for Office 365.

This is the reason why O365 often leads to several questions related to governance as well as data security. Account breaches happen frequently. So, should firms rely exclusively on cloud service providers for preventing such advanced threats? How to ensure that the cloud generated content is meeting the compliance laws?

Why Do Enterprises Using Office 365 Need CASB Solutions?

Businesses are boosting their productivity levels by manifolds with O365 applications with access to data from any location and at any point in time. Office 365 is a trendy cloud services suite providing multiple useful features, including instant messaging, online conferencing, emailing, file sharing, and many more. But, with such flexibility offered while using these services, there always remains a constant threat of data theft risks, making the protection of sensitive data mandatory for firms. Cloud Access Security Brokers pitch in here at this point to fit into the organizational data security structures.

CASB for Office 365

CASB vendors help enterprises using O365 to gain deeper visibility into their Office 365 networks, data usage, protection against data threats, and enforcement of compliance as well as security policies. Many enterprises have decided to deploy any right CASB solution for gaining such visibility into file-sharing services, which are in use across their organizational network and train employees in real-time to such new corporate standards. They are using CASB for implementing a vast range of security as well as compliance policies across O365 data and protecting that against any data threats, which originate in such cloud working environments.

How Can CloudCodes CASB Help Secure Office 365?

CloudCodes CASB solutions help enterprises in protecting their sensitive data and confidential information in real-time, across all O365 applications, to ensure complete O365 security. CloudCodes CASB for Office 365 provides granular control through workflow visibility by offering options such as access permissions modifications, admin alerts, and unauthorized task restrains, etc. Such types of security protocols, as well as data controls, could easily be applied to individual users, also known as organizational units (OUs ) or even whole organization. Enhanced Cloud Security for Office 365 is available with you with CloudCodes CASB for the O365 solution.

CloudCodes – the only Cloud Access Security Broker for Office 365, which enhances the account security. This is attempted by understanding and controlling the cloud risk activities over the O365 services suite, confidential data protection, and blocking cloud threats.

CloudCodes provides Microsoft Cloud App Security for Office 365, helping business to protect their highly confidential data in real-time. Granular control offers automated workflow visibility, including options like admin alerts, unauthorized tasks restrain, access permissions modifications, notifying users with a customized coaching message, etc. Amplified data security for Office 365 is at your disposal with CloudCodes CASB solution.

In a Nutshell

Along with the ensured flexibility of using O365 applications from any locations, and at any point in time, Enterprise Security issues to germinate at any point. While most enterprises, who have adopted O365 forms, data security is a prime concern and the need of the hour for them. CloudCodes CASB for Office 365 solution helps in ensuring complete cloud security for Office 365, which is done by addressing such issues to their very core, and at the same time, also not leaving away any advantages of such apps. It is just like organizations to gain the best of both worlds because corporate employees avail the benefits of using O365 applications, including data access flexibility, etc., and still not compromising at all on data security for O365 through CloudCodes CASB for Office 365 solutions.