Why Should Organizations Consider a Right CASB Solution?

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • December 18th, 2020

Cloud Transition without Any Security Strategy Augments Data Threats

Many enterprises are making the transition to cloud technology, but they have to take adequate care of the security issues looming large over the net. The risk of falling prey to data thefts is increasing by the day and cybersecurity has to be a well-planned strategy. A survey conducted by Netwrix Corporation helped enterprises to deduce the need for cloud security and plans for further cloud usage and security enhancements. Out of the total 850 enterprises interviewed in the year 2017, the most common concern among them was that of unauthorized access and 70% of the organizations felt that it was the primary reason for data thefts. The concern for malware infiltrations came second with 50%. The astonishing factor is that 39% of the enterprises admitted to the fact that data theft occurred due to the inability to monitor the activities of their employees in the cloud. And yes, 45% of the enterprises, which is a sizeable number, supposed that their own employees were the biggest security risk. Most of the attacks that took place the previous year were external, but the enterprises attributed it to their own IT staff, business users, and cloud providers in the order of 39%, 33%, and 33% respectively. The greatest stumbling block for organizations in the way of implementation of security policies is the lack of cloud visibility. About 28% of the enterprises have complete access to the activities of the IT staff. Organizations have 17% visibility into the activities of business users, 12% into that of third parties, and 9% into the cloud provider’s activities that greatly needed improvement, they opined. Enterprises need to look out for cloud security solutions given the rampant misuse of access and flexibility by the employees and partners and the right CASB solution is the apt choice.

Major Threats Associated with Cloud Computing and Choosing Right CASB Solution Providing a Relief

As stated above, visibility was the major threat cited by the enterprises once the data was moved to the cloud. They felt that lack of visibility or its total absence and sometimes its uncontrollability was a major hindrance to cloud-based services. Compliance and security issues were even the setbacks, but this can be set right by deploying the right CASB solution.

Why Should Organizations Consider Using a Right CASB Solution?

Right CASB solution is apt when data security and compliance measures are concerned and its deployment ensures that the confidential data stays safe and secure within the enterprise.

  • When enterprises handle data in bulk like in the case of finance corporations and law firms, then CASB solutions help them to have full control of the data access, download, and sharing by the users over the cloud. Right CASB solution also helps firms to restrict data access to limited users or groups; thus guarding the data against duplication.
  • Choosing the right CASB solution help in setting up policies for permissions relating to document ownership and ensure that the data stays protected at all times.
  • These solutions help enterprises to keep a check on Shadow IT by monitoring the traffic from on-premises to cloud and vice-versa.
  • When data is to be downloaded to personal devices like laptops and mobiles from the cloud, CASB solutions help enterprises to provide data security to the sensitive data. Hence, CASB solutions help a great deal in enterprise mobility.

Compare CASB Solutions of Different CASB Vendors

Enterprises need to practice extreme caution when selecting their CASB vendor. There are many CASB players in the market and enterprises need to opt for the best one who can fill in their requirements and needs. Market leaders in cloud services are a natural attraction for enterprises owing to their work experience. They even adopt new innovative technologies and are adept at finding customized solutions due to their work maturity. Many of the vendors provide CASB solutions but some may lack in certain aspects when data security in the cloud is considered. When enterprises start evaluating the CASB vendors, they will find that many of them integrate their software solutions with the market leaders, but this would mean that enterprises need to purchase multiple security solutions. This is where CloudCodes comes to the rescue where they have an integrated package of customized solutions for complete cloud security. CloudCodes CASB solutions can be entirely customized as per the needs of the enterprise thus providing data security as well as ensuring that compliance measures are met.