Why Personal Gmail Block Is Vital for Enterprise Security?

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • July 3rd, 2021

Google apps started from the cloud and are running on the cloud itself, so with no surprises, enterprises were and are fully aware of the security implications that arise after powering their businesses in the cloud environment. But not actually; once faced, only then organizations considered the good and bad of moving to the cloud. The good they don’t want to lose and the bad they don’t want to happen. The robust platform and global infrastructure offer excellent service with dedicated professionals and innovating and enabling cloud working structures to stay ahead of this curve. Still, the missing link is data security, reliability, and compliance, in which Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) meet with their efficient CASB solutions. Now let’s see why Personal Gmail Block is necessary for Enterprise security.

Why Organizations Choose Personal Gmail Block for Employees at Work?

With over 1.5 billion Gmail users across the world, having a Gmail account is indeed very common. Therefore, Cloud security is the prime reason for organizations to prefer Personal Gmail block / Consumer Gmail Block as a part of their enterprise security regime, as users with malicious motives can transfer sensitive information and confidential data. But, at the same time, for imparting work flexibility to ensure better work productivity, some users are given this privilege to open their Gmail accounts, which at times, prove beneficial. However, again, chances of data theft remain, so Consumer Gmail Block is something that ensures no such data leakage.

Demerits of the BYOD Era

Usually, corporate users forward their emails to their Gmail accounts to avail of the benefits of unlimited storage space and a higher limit for attachment sizes. But as they do it to ease out their work, they are posing a threat to enterprise data security. Still, fortunately, there exist ways by which IT can address such issues, and a great one is to use a CASB cloud solution that offers a Consumer Gmail Block feature.

Why is Consumer Personal Gmail Block important for Enterprise Security?

Business email is still secured, and risks are mostly associated with personal Gmail forwarding. Security can be ensured with the out-and-out use of business email on office premises. Also, data security may not be on the mind of the employees who are forwarding their corporate mail to their mail account, so IT staff should take steps to protect sensitive corporate information from unintended data breaches. When users attempt to send their corporate emails to personal Gmail accounts, that can prove very harmful to enterprise security.

CloudCodes for Business a CASB Solution for Enterprise Security

When any corporate user forwards his corporate mail to his personal Gmail account, that particular content in that email automatically leaves the very protected corporate network and is open for data theft and data leakage. This data then goes to where nobody can guarantee its security or compliance. A great way to ensure enterprise security is to check such forwarding happening to personal Gmail accounts, which can be taken care of Personal Gmail Block feature of CloudCodes CASB solution. CloudCodes CASB enables the IT admin to revoke access to personal Gmail of the uses, the only prerequisite for implementing this Consumer Gmail block is that the IT admin will require imposing a stringent Device Restriction Policy on all the devices running on Windows. All CloudCodes CASB policies apply to the entire organization, specific OUs (Organizational Units), or a particular user, as per their requirement.