Consumer Gmail Block For Cloud Security

Consumer Gmail Block For Cloud Security to Eliminate the Roadblock to Data Security

Employees’ easy access to personal email can pose a threat to organizations like malicious data transfers, data theft. Blocking personal Gmail is a step in the direction of protecting any ill-intended, deliberately-harmful data transfers that are done with an intent of dupery. CloudCodes for Business, our CASB solution, provides Personal Gmail Block feature that ensures heightened cloud security.

CloudCodes Consumer Gmail Block For Cloud Security is a feature nested under Access Control / DLP, and is also one of the most adopted and loved feature by CloudCodes clients. Consumer Gmail Block, also referred to as Personal Gmail Block by many, works as a data safety cushion empowering the IT admin to check any malicious data-breach, data theft, or data transfer attempts. Multiple CASB solutions, including DLP, Access Control, SSO, Shadow IT, Identity Management, are integrated into a single console, providing cloud security to organizations, thus enabling them to create a safe work cocoon. It increases visibility to all the activities around their sensitive data on the cloud.

Organizations bound by regulations like HIPAA etc. remain apprehensive to migrate to cloud owing to the threat of any data sharing discrepancy of the sensitive information circulated in their premises. The IT admin would always want to prevent users from accessing their email accounts other than organizational accounts provided to them. But the challenge is while working in the cloud environment; users are allowed to use their consumer Gmail without any restriction. CloudCodes Personal Gmail Block reports any such violation of the Gmail block policy to the IT admin of the organization. This solution gets implemented without any of the hardware dependencies.

Implementing corporate policies for not using personal Gmail within the office premises could be a costly affair with the use of expensive firewalls, which can be the show-stopper for the SMBs, preventing them from moving to the cloud. CloudCodes CASB solution with its Consumer Gmail Block For Cloud Security feature provides this extra layer of required data security, thus enabling the organizations to move to the cloud without any hint of doubt!

Data breaches will be inevitable if no security measures are adopted, and also, most organizations are rapidly adopting cloud, which is also opening avenues for data-theft. So, to avail a secured working environment, organizations must adopt specific safety measures, wherein, they guard their confidential data against any such thefts and leaks. A good step in this direction that would mostly avert any secure anomalous data transfer is to block access to personal Gmail, which ensures data security to a great extent. Consumer Gmail Block provided by CloudCodes CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers) solution offers the same.

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