Benefits Of Reverse Proxy Utilization – Using Single Sign-On Solution

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • April 23rd, 2018

Benefits Of Reverse Proxy Utilization

What is Single Sign-On and How Does SSO Work?

Our CloudCodes CASB solution is a highly efficient cloud security solution that enables the enterprises to ensure absolute enterprise security over the vast cloud network. It is a uniquely designed and configured single sign on (SSO) cloud security solution that typically utilizes Reverse Proxy mechanism to ensure absolute control over the transmission networks connecting the cloud resources. As a single sign-on solution, a cloud user can directly get access to all the resources that are part of the organizations’ vast cloud network to efficiently carry out day-to-day business by logging in directly from the SSO1 application dashboard itself without having to login to different cloud apps individually. That is, after logging into our CloudCodes for Business solution, a user immediately get access to Cloud apps such as Zoho, Gmail, Google drive, Flock, etc., bringing the vast cloud network to a single point of contact. It’s a robust solution that utilizes reverse proxy mechanism to safeguard the enterprise’s cloud network from any sort of perceived threats arising out of Internet usage.

Understanding Reverse Proxy Mechanism

Once the enterprise admin has safely configured the reverse proxy settings over the vast cloud network, any request from the end users of that enterprise for retrieving data sitting on different servers on the cloud will be channelized through this reverse proxy, thereby guarding the extranet against exploiting the corporate resources of the enterprise, and the information or data can be retrieved safely on behalf of the enterprise user or client from different servers located in far distant locations. For the end user, it appears as if the information is retrieved by the enterprise’s web server itself. Our CloudCodes CASB solution exactly does that. Users can forward their requests for data or application access from a single sign-on console of our CloudCodes for Business solution to retrieve information from all the sanctioned Cloud Apps such as Zoho people, Google Drive, Gmail, etc., even though the original data is sitting on different servers located at different locations.

Key Benefits of Deploying Reverse Proxy Settings

Reverse proxy is deployed at the edge of the cloud network to keep an ongoing, real-time surveillance over both outgoing and incoming traffic to establish a total control over transmission lines of an enterprise working with Cloud. Even though working under covers, the benefits of deploying Reverse Proxy are far too many to keep this sort of a tracking mechanism for potentially safer Cloud Networks, to include the following:

  • Content Caching – The copies of website pages and content can be easily cached by placing the reverse proxy in far-off dispersed locations geographically to facilitate user experience and significantly reducing the page load times.
  • Scrubbing traffic for web application security – Reverse proxy setup is the best tool to weed out any malicious packets of data, uninvited hackers’ requests, and even bad bots.
  • IP masking – The reverse proxy server terminates the connections first and then reopens them while routing the incoming traffic to mask the Internal IPs, and thus it safeguards the cloud network by denying access to attackers and restraining them from launching any sort of direct-to-IP denial of service attacks.
  • Load Balancing – The reverse proxy server acts as a gateway between the end user of the enterprise and Cloud Apps origin server to efficiently distribute the load evenly over the cloud network, ensuring high availability, and enhancing end user experience.

Reverse proxy is actually a sort of proxy server which helps in retrieving the resources on behalf of clients from either one or more than one servers. Such resources then return to clients as being originated from Web-server itself. A reverse proxy hides the existence as well as characteristics of one origin server or multiple servers. So for our CloudCodes CASB solution, using of reverse proxy mechanism really helps in retrieving the app information from Google Drive, Zoho, and Gmail etc., so that, users can easily login to all such business apps at once, directly from our console. Thus, the deployment of reverse proxy server in our CloudCodes for Business solution acts as a cloud network traffic cop and efficiently guards all incoming and outgoing traffic 24×7 and ensures absolute compliance of policies at network level.