A Guide To Cloud Application Acceptance In The Enterprise

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • November 22nd, 2017

Cloud Migration Is a Techno-Age Love Story Brewing up between Man, Machine and the CLOUD!

Cloud connects an enterprise on a virtual level and removes all the physical barriers at every possible level. The head and honchos of big organizations are citing an opportunity to introduce a new range of scalability with the help of CloudCodes and Cloud Access Security Broker CASB. Cloud can bring in cost efficiency in all the operations, and to top the list, with the help of a competent cloud network, they can always move into the zone of higher cloud application. Now, it is an opportunity area for them. However, when we see the same thing from a different perspective, then we find that teams or people working in any organizations are not ready to buy this idea. They have their own reasons to deny Cloud migration.

Go for a Confidence Building Measure; Cloud Is Not an Invasion of Privacy!

Love always starts with a note of denial and skepticism. Many CEOs and other people on the big chair too are also seen complaining about this denial of sorts often when their organization is all set to ride up on the ladder of cloud application. As a first impression, employees think that cloud is an invasion of their privacy. Let’s accept this fact that, corporate companies over the years have adopted this very sweet culture where they engage people in shifts, and after completing the shift, a person is free to do whatever he wants to do. Now, in an environment like this, Cloud application connected to their BYOD sounds like an invasion of their leisure.

Use Cloud Security Manual as a Tool to Ensure Privacy of Cloud Application

When we talk about the confidence-building measures attached to a cloud application system, then the cloud security manual can be treated as a prudent device to mitigate the impacts of this doubt about cloud privacy. Before giving you a solution for that, we would like to tell you that, “invasion of privacy” is the biggest threat that can create a “non-cooperative” environment against cloud in an enterprise. Design a message where you first introduce your workforce with advanced cloud application tools like CASB and make them realize that CASB, clubbed together with other functions like SIEM, is actually recreating the same culture that was prevailing previously. Here, you can aware a privileged access to some best performers and create a prized possession for your employees. Engage reverse psychology to break this mode of denial for your organization.

Channelize the Energy of Anger to Speed up the Migration Process with Cloud Application

The essence of all the management processes can be learned through some standard theories. In the current compilation, we are trying to decipher the secrets of successful cloud migration. After the inception of the cloud system, many team members might find it not workable and try to figure out the problems in the system. We cannot deny the fact that they may suffer from genuine problems as well. This is the time when your cloud service provider can bail you out on two levels. First, they can resolve various issues, and second, they can always come up with some educative confidence-building measures. Here, we would like to make a mention of the topics related to the “cloud intelligence.” It is a troubled area where most of the people feel that their privacy is invaded or they are handicapped.

Take Care of the Third Stage on the Planning Level Itself

The third stage is the stage of learning, where a competent training manual solution can take care of this condition quite effectively. As a CEO of the company, when you chalk out a cloud migration program, make sure that you are hiring a cloud service provider who is well aware of these conditions. Installing a system or machinery is a different thing and training people for the same machinery is a different ball game altogether.

After the completion of this third stage, the fourth stage of Cloud migration is “acceptance,” and for this stage, all we can say is that – they (the enterprise, cloud partner, and employees) all can enjoy their embracement of cloud!

Cloud LTE Objectives Are Facing Perils, Adopt the Best Practices and Continue on This Long Journey…

The era of “Long-term Evolution” technologies is the second decade of the 21st century. With the inception of 4G bandwidth, now they are planning to phase out the culture of mobile calls. They are promoting internet telephony over it. “Bring in Your Device” or BYOD is also bringing this same culture of fast speed internet connections. A phenomenon like “cloud computing” forms the mainstay of these LTE technologies which is going to change the fate & face of various “commercial operations” and “business communications” completely.

Hire a Competent Programming Team for the Inception of Cloud Networks because Transitional Phases Are the Most Vulnerable Ones!

Set your first step right, and start it with a foolproof security blanket! Hiring a competent Programming and networking team is the first requisite. In the terms of management, we can term it as “Deliverance of IT.” See it from the surface; cloud computing seems like an easy thing. For your employees, it is an upgraded version of organizational networking. Most of the organizations and employees think that it is the same network that they were working; however, this time, they are receiving and sending data to an internet source from a remote location. They are unaware that their BYOD is exposed to many potential threats because business rivals are on a prowl.

It Is an Ongoing Invisible Battle between Hackers and Programmers That Is Going On and On

With the help of smart hackers, your rivals and other anti-social elements can always crack your communication and steal sensitive data from your organization. Hire a programming team that can ensure optimum feasibility and maximum security for your business communications. It is not a one-step process for them; they can handle the technical part of it in the first step. In the second step, they can bring your entire team to the same page where security concerns will act like the best concerns for you. If you have a trained team, then it is a kind of an internal security layer that you have created for your business. However, in order to handle the external threats, you can employ certain tools that fall under “Cloud Access Security Brokers.”

CASB acts Like a Firewall That Connects and Prevents Various Elements

Handling a Cloud Access Security Broker CASB system is a delicate task; in the terms of management, we can describe it with the help of two terms. These two terms are “exclusivity and accessibility.” CASB should be designed in such a way that it should not restrict the accessibility of probable customers and prospective clients. On the other hand, it should be strong enough to handle the hacking intentions of a person who is trying to steal some data in the guise of a customer. This makes cloud security a tricky job by all the possible standards. The importance of CASB can be understood with the help of this study report that suggests that by the end of 2022, eighty-five percent of Cloud computing networks will employee CASB at various levels of their operations. This study shows an exponential growth because, in the year 2015, only five percent of networks were using CASB.

CloudCodes Can Create Various Levels of Firewalls in Your Cloud Network

CloudCodes are a part of the system, where an adequate method handles password and data on cloud systems, and it is an integrated mechanism that deals with all the four stages of the operation. These stages are – before saved, after save, before delete and after delete. What we have mentioned here are the four vulnerable points of an operation. There can be much more as per your networking needs and other operational needs. CASB clubbed together with CloudCodes, can handle many such threats quite considerably.

Essentials to Convert Your Cloud Network into a Sustainable Cloud Network

Learn this trick from some secure cloud environments generated by pioneers like Google and other companies. They succeeded because of two factors; they are able to amend their networks for future better results because of two reasons – first, they created cloud-computing arms in their organizations; and second, they allowed experiments in a secured environment. This is why, on the bottom note, it is our strong recommendation that you should strike a cloud partnership with a sensible team. Motivate your staff to experiment and they will come up with new ideas to make it a self-sustainable cloud networking system by all the possible standards.

Use gControl and SSO1 by CloudCodes

Your organization can get the services of CloudCodes. It is a cloud security start-up founded in 2011, which provides cloud security solution to enterprises. gControl and SSO1 Single Sign on (SSO) are its two popular products. While gControl secures only Google Apps, the new SSO1 supports multiple enterprise cloud applications. These include SalesForce, Zoho, DropBox, and Freshdesk; apart from the earlier Google for Work. SSO1 gives capabilities of IdP like self-password, password management and multi-factor authentication (MFA).The MFA uses the fingerprint reading capability of Smartphones to give biometric authentication. It also supports anti-phishing feature that empowers you to restrict entry to login page in the base country or the IP address. Thus, access to the applications from countries that are infamous for hacking or phishing attacks can be easily restricted.