Get Top 3 Enterprise Security Tips in Today’s Age of Collaboration

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • December 12th, 2018

Data is everywhere – This sentence sounds great. Isn’t it? But, the same sentence is devastating for traditional IT security models. It is so because on-premises IT infrastructure gets failed in protecting online data, especially when the user and records both are used outside the enterprise security boundaries.” Nowadays enterprises are adopting all possible and affordable approaches to do things faster in an effective and collaborative manner. All this is happening due to the increase in number of cloud applications, IT-sanctioned industrial tools, and companies shifting their work towards the cloud. But, all these migration procedures come with lots of cloud computing security challenges! It is so because the business records are shared across broad range of end users as well as the collaborators working inside and outside the premises. Therefore, here we came with the post of CloudCodes to give top 3 strong enterprise security tips to business users on how they can lock in security, and that too in today’s era of collaboration.

Enterprise Security Tip 1: Construct A Lifecycle for Data Security

How much is your data secured on cloud – Answer to this question is necessarily required, initially. Business online data protection team must ensure that they are having complete scope to analyze the problem. In a survey, it is being found that officials who store less data in any app, they append a security layer for that particular app. However, it is quite common in industries and not at all good for enterprise security because people adopt new apps with attractive features without any observation over them. Wait! Take a try to focus on upcoming words!! The same data protection practice also comprises of a big issue i.e., it is based upon the old protection perimeters. Basically, this is a holdover mentality among users from a time when officials and their content were assumed to be protected in the premises. There are different possibilities where data can be copied, saved, shared, and forwarded to another application. This comes under the lifecycle of today’s modern scenario. Several paths are available in today’s date to store data on devices and use them from wherever desire. In simple word, this enterprise security tips asks firms to keep their data secured in three main phases i.e., in transit mode, used by any app, and in rest mode too.

Enterprise Security Tip 2: Embrace the Growth in Business Apps

It is true that emails are now the traditional source for data loss but, the content collaboration utilities that build a connection between users and groups externally as well as internally – are also having a great impact. Popular tools like SharePoint and Dropbox are known in the business world for sharing documents online and collaborating on projects. The customers who work on these platforms need to keep one thing in mind that all these just provide a medium for data-sharing iceberg with broad range of software like messaging apps, G Drive, Slack, Box, and many more. The purpose of all these tools is to provide ease while sharing documents online within a team. Here, the term ‘team’ plays a vital role in enterprise security! Let’s see how? The term ‘team’ involves the individuals who are trustworthy and will never cause a threat during firm bad times also. If any of the individuals in a team is cheater, it’s quite hard to protect business from internal Cyberthreats. So it’s your duty to be careful when you are sharing confidential company information among employees!

Enterprise Security Tip 3: Never Ignore the Third-party Threats

On the basis of data breach incidences’ report, it is being found that organizations do not work for external security. They just ignore the external threats and focus only on the internal one. Such enterprise users need to understand that nowadays businesses are getting connected with the outside world more and more to explore their company. But, here officials have to take care of their records just like a small baby! It is so because it requires full and strong controls to protect data from leakage at the time of external use along with analyzing of company’s partner behavior. No one has known who as a partner of your business is working with your records; so, be aware while allowing partners to use your records!

It’s Best to Adopt An Enterprise Security Solution

The enterprise data protection measure focuses on the information security of business vital data and personal records of authorities, clients, and customers. Companies can achieve all the recommended security solutions along with additional ones by choosing CloudCodes security product. The software is particularly designed with purpose of only and only protecting firm’s information that can cause harm to the firm’s growth at the time of Cybercrime. It comprises of one consolidated screen with multiple options to protect confidential business data. This automated solution provide enterprise security tips to customers who work on Google cloud platform, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Chromebook, Zoho, etc. Interested candidates can at least give it a trial to assure whether it provides you security from internal as well as external threats or not.