Let’s See What is Google Cloud Platform And How It Is Made Most Secure One

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • November 17th, 2020

Google security team is giving their more and more attention towards GCP i.e., Google Cloud Platform. They are applying their advanced engineering powers and financial resources for grabbing a shareable dough platform for organizational cloud computing. It involves plans that differentiate itself on the basis of comprehensive business-class cybersecurity. AI and security these two areas are majorly focused by Google to lead the online marketing. The blog is going to spread awareness regarding the security measures taken to secure Google Cloud Platform at the best level.

Google Cloud Platform Security Best Practices Adopted By Google

  1. Developed With A Strong Security Foundation – It seems that Google has taken the CBK (Common Body of Knowledge) taxonomy of CISSP. Google Cloud Platform is made up of secure hardware infrastructure, identity services, network communications, and storage services. All these things in a consolidated manner provide a true defensive in-depth architecture. Google has extended its services to provide protection on the application layer. It officially announced the ISTIO to enhance the container’s security and micro-services developed on the Kubernetes top. Several layers are utilizing proprietary Google techniques, which are originated for personal data centers of the firm. This is all about the up-and-down controls during the battle-tested on stack. Also, the good news is that GCP security is certified by different standards.
  2. Constant Enhancement In Security Parameters – Mobile and cloud computing comprises of all things but, have removed the gap between the private and public networks. Here comes the role of two important security parameters – Data Identity and Information protection. There is nothing surprising in knowing that ‘Google cover this transition’. Google IAM provides individuals with almost all features that are required for Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, fine-grained access controls, etc. All data in rest or transmit mode is encrypted on Google Cloud Platform for 24*7 information security. Software that is cloud-centric can be encrypted in the application layer to achieve the strongest data security. Google exposed DLP APIs for helping its partners and customers in discovering, classifying, and protecting sensitive content. A set of data governance tools is also rendered by Google to benefit users with a better data organizing environment.
  3. All Things Are Visible And Controllable On GCP – Google is always there to deliver data visibility to its customers and gain their trust. Google Cloud Platform monitors and captures the workload, data elements, communication channels, etc. Some business clients find GCP monitoring alone capable enough to improve the security. They gain this by unprecedented central visibility on the comparison with the previous scenario. The Google security team understands the impact of shortage in Cybersecurity skills, ensuring that all administrative functions are easy in implementation and monitoring.
  4. Google Is Centered On Security Innovation – In the year 2017, Google made official announcements of 5 GCP best practices and has already availed 20 till this year. The areas like access transparency, DLP APIs, VPC service controls, etc., are now covered by the security. Google Cloud Platform security team never takes data protection to forsake. They are serious regarding the same and gives its 100% to deliver a safe and security collaborative business environment to customers.
  5. Google Addresses Past Suffered Criticism – Google started its business with simple internet services. It rendered free facilities of email, web search, etc. But, Google collected all the information, mined it, and sold that for its massive advantage. Depending upon this unexpected scenario, the trust of business clients was broken and they shifted their work on other CSPs. It is true that ‘once the trust is broken, it is difficult to rebuild that’. But now, Google is going out of the box for reinforcing its promise and keep all data encrypted in the rest mode. Customers are also having rights to monitor Google administrator activities. Not only this but, Google openly spends money where a tamperproof relationship can be built on the mouth of GCP.

What Google Should Do to Grow GCP Security Awareness & Adoption?

Google is actually working on security and it seems that the company is quite sincere regarding the Google Cloud Platform protection. But, engineering alone would not cut it. Following are few ideas that Google can be acquired to achieve their objective and get the word out:

  • Force Security Leader to Give A Thought – Several security professionals try to convince their customers with existing protection controls into the web and, this plan is sub-optimal at the best. Enterprises can improve their operational efficiency and security efficacy by considering data security controls at the primary stage. This will guide in developing a cloud security with CASB, API, SaaS, gateways, etc. Google should convince people by pushing this model along with working with the partners. This will be wised to expand the vertical efforts for including security processes, controls, and plans, which are aligned with industry initiatives.
  • Gain Flowing of the Competitive Juices – Amazon and Microsoft – these two are leading cloud service providers and a big competitive threat for Google. However, Google never compared its security or Google Cloud Platform with any of these competitions. But experts think that Google must take the gloves off. If GCP is the most secured platform then, Google must have the determination to prove themselves through feature comparisons, verification testing, etc.


There is no doubt in saying that Google Cloud Platform is a huge and useful collaborative platform for business users. But, the problem is that Google is not taking as much initiative as it should do, to do its publicity. It is not working in the way a marketing strategy should be done to spread awareness among business users. This post is a means through which we want to make readers from aware from the presence of such shareable secure business platform in the market.