Microsoft Office 365 CASB Solution – Prove Highly Effective For Cloud Security

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 22nd, 2021

Microsoft Office 365 

What Microsoft Office 365 is? To be precise, it is all in the name! Using Microsoft Office 365 implies that you can access your Office documents, anywhere, and at any point of time wherever you are, all year round. Just imagine a situation where you get logged into your system with your Office account. You see that everything you need is right there. The access to your files in File Explorer is synched via OneDrive for Business, and other Office apps are working there already. You then move to your phone or mobile device and then get logged in, precisely the same access to all data you had been doing. Microsoft Office 365 gives the promise of just this kind of free access anytime, anywhere. Microsoft Office 365 CASB solution is the current need of the hour for cloud security because anytime anywhere access is opening doors for data thefts. 

Is Cloud Data Security Compromised with Office 365? 

Many corporate entities have this commitment to protecting data privacy within their premises and outside too. However, at the same time, these firms also embrace the cloud for better work deliveries, enhanced efficiencies, increased productivity, and better results and work outcomes. Microsoft Office 365 has undoubtedly come out of a very dominant cloud-based solution used by most big and small firms all over the world. It has been leading the market for corporate cloud services. Even though cloud providers take responsibility share for platform security, firms ensure that their users and employees actively take the required precautions to prevent any incidents of data thefts due to compliance issues or cloud security problems. It is why the use of Microsoft Office 365 often puts forth multiple governance-related questions and cloud security. Account breaches are happening now much so frequently than ever. 

Why Are CASB Solutions Needed by Firms Using Office 365? 

Many organizations have managed to boost their work productivity manifolds with Microsoft Office 365 applications with free data access from any place, any location, and any time. Office 365 is undoubtedly a highly popular cloud service suite that provides many useful features: emailing, instant messaging, file sharing, online conferencing, etc. However, with such privilege of free data access and remarkable flexibility provided by these services, there always remains a continuous threat of data leakage risks, thus making data protection mandatory for most such firms. Cloud Access Security Brokers come into the picture here to fit into organizational security models. 

Microsoft Office 365 CASB Solution for Cloud Security

CASB solution vendors assist enterprises with their security models for Microsoft Office 365 to gain much deeper cloud visibility into the O365 networks. They use data usage methods, data theft protection, compliance enforcement, and cloud security policies. Today, many firms have deployed efficient CASB solutions to gain much visibility into their file-sharing services that are used in and across their office networks. These firms are also training their employees in real-time to follow these corporate standards. 

CloudCodes CASB Solutions to Secure Office 365 

CASB solutions provided by CloudCodes help firms protect their confidential data and sensitive info in real-time, across all of their Microsoft Office 365 apps, for ensuring total cloud security over O365. CloudCodes Microsoft Office 365 CASB solution gives granular control attained through workflow visibility, which the firms avail through modifications employed in data access permissions, alerts, and reports generated to admin for any unauthorized attempts or violation of policies. These cloud data security protocols can be easily applied either to individual users known as organizational units (or OUs) or even the whole organization. 


For most of the firms adopting Microsoft Office 365 apps, cloud security is a prime concern and is the real need of the hour. CloudCodes CASB for Office 365 solution provides complete cloud data security for Microsoft Office 365 by addressing the issues thus encountered at their core and, at the same time, does not give away the advantages of using O365 apps.