Criteria For Evaluating Cloud Security in Organization

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 23rd, 2021

What is the Need for Evaluating Cloud Security?

Organizations these days have adopted Cloud for their operations, and securing their data on the Cloud is the next logical and vital step for them. For the same, they are considering cloud-based Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity Access Management (IAM) solutions due to all the benefits they bring. Because all the confidential data is stored on cloud-based SaaS applications, having cloud-based SSO and IAM solutions in place does make a lot more sense these days. These are leaders in the market, and any organization looking for such solutions will first consider all the right reasons to opt cloud security company. Although all these vendors do provide sophisticated solutions in SSO and IAM space, they do lack capabilities from the cloud security perspective. This means that the customers have to buy multiple solutions for SSO, IAM, and other security requirements. In this blog, we are going to know what is needed of evaluating cloud security & why every organization should look at it when assessing the security of cloud services.

There are specific steps that you would like to evaluate before opting for a cloud security provider: 

1. Security: It is incredibly crucial to understand the security measures and tools taken by the provider to ensure the safety and protection of your data on the Cloud. As security is the biggest concern for companies; hence organizations must examine the security mechanisms and approaches followed by the provider to safeguard the sensitive data of the company. 

2. Compliance: It is advisable to choose a security provider that meets the compliance standard such as HIPAA, or PCI of your organization. As the client’s information, as well as the company data, is saved on the Cloud; hence it is important to adhere to the standards of these regulatory bodies.  

3. Workflow: One of the essential steps to keep in mind before choosing a security provider is to monitor the architecture that will be used for your company. For example, if an organization relies highly on Microsoft, then the provider must incorporate Azure as Microsoft supports it. There are various ways to store cloud information depending upon the workflow designed by the provider.  

4. Support: Companies should ensure constant support and assistance from the security provider at all times. The security provider must offer dedicated resources to help the company in any given situation at an affordable cost. This will not just help the company to secure its sensitive information but also create a sense of trust among both entities.  

How Does CloudCodes Help in Evaluating Cloud Security? 

CloudCodes is a leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution featuring Single Sign-On(SSO) and Identity Access Management (IAM) as a part of their solution offerings. The principle of Cloud has primarily been “Anytime, Anywhere or Any Device” access to data, CloudCodes proposes the concept from an enterprise point of view of “Approved Device, Approved location or Approved time.” So basically, it is a journey from Any to Approved. 

CloudCodes brings a layer of security on top of cloud applications through Single Sign-On. It provides the organization with controls that allows them to extend their security control beyond their organizational boundaries. In simple terms, it enables IT to create a virtual firewall on the Cloud for the enterprise data residing on various cloud service providers’ environments. 

CloudCodes provides the following features as part of its CASB solution: 

CloudCodes has around 350+ customers across the world catering to multiple industries. Some of the industries where our solution is used are: 

  • Bank 
  • Automobile 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Healthcare 
  • Financial Institutions 
  • Aviation 
  • E-commerce 
  • Retail 

Key Takeaways:  

An organization that is considering cloud-based SSO and IAM should at least evaluate CloudCodes’ solution. It will provide an excellent opportunity for your team to make the right decision based on all parameters. 

CloudCodes doesn’t claim it is better than the matured leaders in SSO and IAM market. Still, it offers features similar to them in addition to a whole lot of other cloud security features that come out of the box and those that are required by enterprises for attaining all-around data security